Wednesday, August 15, 2012


It's time for another vacation post! 
I swear there's only a few more! I know some of you are enjoying these posts but others might be a bit bored! So sorry! Gotta share all the adventures we went on! 

So after a trip to Juneau, our boat headed off to Skagway. 
This town is rooted in the gold rush in the late 1890s! It is so neat to hear stories of that time and it feels as though you stepped back into history! Loved visiting this place and learning about the spot! Also the food at Skagway Brewing Co. was pretty delicious! We also got the chance ot try Spruce Tip Ale! This was my favorite taste of the whole trip! 

We then took a bus tour that took us to the cemetary and learned about local legends! 

The bus then drove us to a look out point where we could see the entire town of Skagway! 

The next day was followed by scenic cruising into Tracy Arm Fjord. I did not realize how much this would amaze me! I was not terribly excited about glaciers until i saw one! And then i saw a second and tears welled up in my eyes! It was pretty amazing to see the beauty of the fjord and then to have a cherry on top... a glacier that literally made me cry! I felt the beauty and the amazement i had for God's creation just had me speechless! I swear i said "WOW!" a million times! 


Then it was off to our next spot: Ketchikan! 
My next and last vacation post will be Saturday!