Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Here Kitty Kitty!

Hi Everyone! 
Hope you all had a splendid Tuesday and are ready for Oh How Pinteresting WEDNESDAY! 
I know I am ready for it, but truly i wish this week was going slower! But at the same time i wish it was 2 weeks from today.... because then we would be hopefully getting our kitten! Oh she is so darn cute i just want her NOW! We even named her already and she even has a few nicknames to boot! 

Here she is again! 
Everyone meet Lily! 
Ahhh.... so cute! 
She is happy to meet everyone, I promise! (Especially since you all are at a distance! She is just a little kitten after all!)

So in honor of our new little kitten that we will be adopting in a week or so... my pins this week are all kitten/cat related! (It's also my newest board that i have pinned to... check it out here! Oh and while you are at it go ahead an follow me on Pinterest! You know you want to....) 
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Isn't that a cute little bed?

My husbands words were "Oh Wow!" when he saw this! 

Source: google.com via Simone on Pinterest

I hope to make a few little things for her at some point! I want to see what she likes to play with first! 

Source: ehow.com via Simone on Pinterest

Here's another pin to make cat toys! 

Ideas for some shapes of cat toys... 

Love how these look!

Source: etsy.com via Simone on Pinterest

Have i mentioned that this is my first real pet? I have never really had a cat or a dog, only fish and a turtle that we never really had to take care of when i was really young! Lily will be a great addition to our house and i cannot wait! 

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