Monday, August 27, 2012

Gone Buggy!

OK I've gone BUGGY! 

Today i am showing off some new additions to my classroom! Last year i did a transportation themed classroom I named all the tables (where we did our group work) different areas where vehicles would go. Here they are: 

My groups were all named after vehicles and the folders corresponded to these names. 
(I apologize, but i do not have pictures of my folders!) 
The groups were called:
The Cars
The Trucks
The Bull Dozers
The Buses
The Vans 
... and others that i do not recall! 

This year i have gone buggy! 
Here are my new signs that have already been hung:

 Plus, i used this border and these adorable bugs to make my border buggy! 

I will have to go around the room and take more photos, but here are some other elements that i used around the room! 
(I know these are a bit distorted! Please go to the link below if you are interested in this free download from an awesome educator!) 

But i also found this for free and used it for our birthday calendar! 
It is no longer free, but i love it and can't help but share it! 

I have a bunch of work still to do, like my folder for all my new groups which will of course be buggy names as well. So far, I have grasshoppers, bees, crickets, beetles, and i am sure there is at least one i am forgetting!

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