Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

Recently I posted about how my husband and I met and today we are celebrating our 2 year wedding anniversary!
When we got married two years ago I knew it was going to be a journey! And boy has it! We haven't had many downs but a life is filled with many little ups and downs. 

We have learned, grown, shrunk (in terms of a little bit of weight lost!), enjoyed and worked hard at having a loving relationship in the last 2 years! I cannot wait for the life that is to come with my groom because it has been great thus far! 

Now, lemme tell you marriage is not all candy and roses. There are tough times where we both have learned to lean on our faith in a loving and forgiving God. I don't know where we would be without this faith. I am more than overjoyed that I made the choice that I made to marry my hubs!

To my loving husband- I love you bunches and bunches! It has been so fun to live life with you. I love beginning and ending each day with you along with all that life brings in between. Thank you for caring for me, loving me and making me a better person each day. Watching you with our new kitten this week has made me even more excited to one day have a family with you! There is so much waiting for us and I cant wait to experience it all with you! I love you!

Sincerely your loving wife,