Friday, August 3, 2012

Vacation Weight

I recently listened to this broadcast on NPR about the Paleo Diet. I find it pretty interesting, especially since right now i am eating my way through northern America. 

Regardless of my eating habits on the cruise, I am truly interested in this phenomenon. I am not sure i would do it for myself, especially since the amount of red meat consumed concerns me. I know cholesterol has become a problem for some of my family members and i would not want to risk that portion of my good health. Nonetheless, the Paleo Diet seems intruiging. When i recently lost my 20 some odd lbs. I did it by eating virtually no grains, veggies, meat, eggs, and cheese. I think this may be as close to the Paleo lifestyle that i will get. I will say that when i did do that diet, including chicken, cheese, etc that are not included in the Paleo Diet I felt more healthy and exercise seems to just be more natural. So i wonder if i could make it without cheese and bakd goods? This from a woman who loves to bake and eat bread! 

I do find it interesting that so many are doing this diet and it seems to promote health in a not-so-fadish diet sort of way. It seems that people have been doing it and the fad is really that more people know about it now. I had never known about it before the last couple months or so. 

What are your thoughts? Do you eat Paleo? 
Maybe this might be a good option to lose vacation weight!