Sunday, August 12, 2012

All Aboard to Juneau!

Ok ... sorry this post is a touch late but i decided to enjoy my weekend a bit instead of being in front of the computer all the time! 

So as promised here is my second vacation post! 

Last time I mentioned my vacay with hubs, we were still in Seattle! 
This post will cover the day we left Seattle and then headed north for Juneau! 

We decided to get in one last tourist spot before we left and headed to the Klondike Gold Rush Museum! This was a cool spot and a definite must see for those that are headed to Alaska! 

Then it was time to set sail.... 

 My first view of our cruise ship! 

The view of Seattle from our cruise ship! 

We set sail on Saturday afternoon and then had all day Sunday at sea.  

Sunday night was our 1st formal night! It was so fun to go dance the night away!  

In the morning we woke up to this outside our window: 
What a sight! 

We at breakfast on our balcony and headed off to our Bike and Brew tour of Juneau! 

We biked nine miles to the Mendenhall Glacier!

This is about half way through the bike ride... oh and what is that right behind us.... oh um just a GLACIER!!!! Holy cow, it was soooo stinkin cool! 

 So after our beer tasting we headed to The Red Dog Saloon which was a great bar with wood shavings on the floor and a total country feel! 

Next up, fresh fish and chips! I may or may not have gobbled up every last bite of this basket while we watch sea planes landing and pouring down rain! 

Then it was back to the boat of us! This was truly a fun day! Great memories for hubs and I! 

So sorry for the picture overload! I couldn't help but share! I hope u enjoyed! 
Next Vacay post will be on Thursday!