Thursday, August 30, 2012

High Five 8.31.12

Boy has it been one of those weeks where all I want to do is sleep when I get home! It's amazing that I got even one load of laundry done ... Well almost! Here's my weekly top five:


On Sunday hubs and I went on a walk which turned into visiting REALLY EXPENSIVE model homes! They were beautiful, but then we ran the whole way home! I only walked once! Oh and did I mention it felt like I was on fire because it was like 90+ degrees out?!?!


No kickboxing this week means I have been able to stay later at work and have been able to get on top of a few things! Yahoo for long work days!


Dinner it with friends on Thursday night! It's always good to catch up with my kickboxing pals over a few drinks, yummy food and surrounded by sports fans! Gotta love the local brewing company!


A packed holiday weekend for hubs and I! We are headed to the horse races on Saturday and then a little bit of wine tasting at a friends house on Sunday! Monday will be filled with relaxation for sure! 


My book club is meeting tonight! Can't wait to talk about this book! Love enjoying a couple hours with lovely ladies discussing a book we all read! This time around we are about half way through this little gem: 

What have been your highlights for the week? 
Ready for the weekend? 

I am ... totalally ready for it to begin ... um like NOW! 

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