Monday, August 6, 2012

Tell Me More

Hi Everyone! 
I'm back in town! No more vacation and SOOOOO much to tell you all and catch up on!
{Hence why I skipped posting late last night for today, and you will get 2 posts in 1 day just so i can catch up a bit!} 
I will be posting more about the trip later this week and i will be stretching out the vacation trip posts! (Than means only a couple a week!) 

But for today, I will be telling you more about me for the 
Linky Party with Amy @

1. I swam in high school and love to watch swimming during the Olympics. (Kinda sad that i missed it this time around due to the most awesome vacation with hubs!) I also played a season or two of water polo for my high school's first girls polo team. Here's a pic of me... I am the one on the top left. I think i may even have my eyes closed! 

2. My favorite color is purple and i tend to gravitate towards anything purple. I have to resist buying everything i see that is purple, especially if it is for my home. 

3. I have always wanted a dog. I still really want a dog. As a child the only pet my mother would allow was a fish. Though, before my parents divorced we had a turtle that had magically appeared in our backyard. BUT, in a couple weeks we will be welcoming a BRAND NEW kitten into our home! More on this soon.... but here she is! 

4. I love The Bachelor & The Bachelorette, but you can also throw in the the shows Big & Rich Texas, Cake Boss, and Project Runway (which i need to catch up on!). 
(I hope that Sean is the next Bachelor!)

5. I was born and raised in beautiful sunny Southern California but i am full -blooded Maltese. That's right both of my parents are Maltese. Yes, i have visited Malta and have lots of family there! Would love to go for a visit sooner rather than later. I really want to take hubs there! Yep, that's right, I am already thinking about the next trip! 

6. My classroom is filled with little special ed kiddos. I love them despite the headaches, distractions, and challenges they provide. They make me a better person each and every day. This Fall i have 6 kiddos on my roster and i can't wait to see some of these little guys make changes and learn! 

7. My husband and i co-lead a life group and this summer we have really enjoyed switching it up at BBQs that are hosted by different couples in our group! We have even welcomed a few new couples into our group! 

8. I woke up this morning at 5! Yep, on a day off, I woke up at 5! Gonna see how much i can get done today! 

9. I gained 5 lbs on vacation. I made the rule that we use stairs on the cruise ship and we walked almost everywhere in Seattle. I think this helped make it so that it wasn't 10 pounds! Hoping to drop a few if not all of it this week! Let me also add that food on a cruise is AWESOME! Here's the dining room trough we stepped up to everyday!! 

10. This Fall my classroom will have a "Bug" theme! I can't wait to make stuff for the room! I have already downloaded a few freebies from TPT that are laminated and ready to go! 

(UPDATE: This was a freebie when i downloaded it, but no longer!)


K that's it for me this morning! 
Hope you learned something new about me and I cannot wait to share about my trip!