Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Relaxation & News

Another Random Thursday! 
They really aren't so random when you do them each week, but at least the topics are! 

you're meaghan me crazy
But be sure to stick around to the end! Good news is at the end of this post! 


So here goes, here are the things that help me relax:

Summer Vacation. 
Do i need to explain this one?

Getting my monthly massage! 
I originally started going or a few reasons and after about 2 years of regular monthly those reasons are not as strong. One reason was for a shoulder that would not stop hurting and my neck that was so filled with tension that it was difficult to move! It was also intended for me to relax as well. I wanted "me time" and to take care of myself! After these last two year, I am not stopping, NO WAY!


The scent really gets me to a whole different level of relaxation! This was like heaven: 

Epoch is one of my favorites! 
Here's their labels and I would gladly take a bottle of either the Authenticity or the Ingenuity like now! 

Friends & Family

Lets face it these people are usually associated with something fun, whether it be a holiday, trip to Disneyland, lunch or dinner out, and even a hike or two! Surrounding myself with good people really helps me relax! 

That's what helps me to relax... what helps you relax? 
Check out what others have to say: 

you're meaghan me crazy

And now for the GOOD NEWS! 

Hmm let's see ... how do i put this... 
Starting today, I will also be blogging over at 
with my friends Windy and Lin
I am way excited about this and think the trio we have formed will be all kinds of awesome! 
Stop by and check out my post over there today too! That's right, two posts from me today! 


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My, What A Cute Little Card You Have!

A few weeks ago I saw this post and left an innocent comment. 
Who knew that it would lead to an awesome and easy experience!?

I knew I needed a wonderful card for our 3rd wedding anniversary and so when  I was contacted to give Card Store a chance, I was excited! 

Here's what I ended up with: 
A personalized 4.75 x 4.75 inch card!

inside cover:

inside message:

back cover:
It was so easy and they really were quick on the shipping! 
The pictures were all mine in this case, but that's just cause i really wanted a really personalized card! They have so many other cute options too! 

Check these out: 

See! So many cute options and I've only shown you three!!! 
From what I can tell they have great selection, customization, personalized or not, colorful and beautiful cards for every occasion! Oh and stationary too! Wow! So much under one roof... or .. er um... site! 

Check them out by visiting


Monday, July 29, 2013

Ready for a Round Up - July 2013

I have been trying to write a post like this for ages! But i am now committing to doing a monthly round up post every month! Hold me to it! 

So here's my top 5 posts that I loved reading from around the blog world!

One that made me laugh: 
My Life With a Cherry on Top- this post

One that touched my heart:
lowercaseletters - this post

One that scratched an itch:
Life Hand in Hand - this post

One with a recipe I need to try:
Dark Chocolate Sea Salted Toffee on lowercase letters
*normally i would not feature one blog 2x, but both posts were worth sharing! 

One NEW blog I'm following and loving:

And in case you missed it, here are my top posts from this month:

And that's the monthly round up! 
Have a great Tuesday! 
PS. Big news is coming on the blog! Check out my Random Thursday post this week! 

Pronounced Fa-yeh

Do you like Greek yogurt? 

I know I do! 
Here's how I normally eat it. I wrote about it on THIS post. 

But here's how I recently gave it a try: 
Have you tried these before? 
I will admit, that the sugar content is a bit high, but for a healthier dessert or snack these are really not that bad! 

Here's a glance at the nutritional information: 
0% Fat

2% Fat

My husband gane the 2% fat one a try and I stuck to the 0% fat ones. 
Hubs gave the yogurt rave reviews and asked for more! 
I loved both flavors, but I really liked the raspberry flavor! 

I can't wait to try any of these flavors:


Strawberry Goji
Cherry Pomegranate
Mango Guanabana
Blueberry Acai
NEW Apple Cinnamon Raisins
NEW Orange Cinnamon
NEW Passion Fruit Clementine
NEW Kiwi Papaya Passion Fruit



I love that they have new flavors! I plan to try more of these awesome flavors!
What flavor would you choose?


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

RT: Travel anyone?

Gosh I need a vacation...
But with a kitty that has been sick, it has not been decided whether we are still going on our planned road trip or not. Our little Lily has been feeling better, but i would hate to see her relapse. It wouldn't be a good thing. And this girl would not be up for traveling. All I would be in the mood for would be movies and a Costco sized box of Kleenex! (Look at me, all pessimistic... ) She's doing well and all I can do is THANK GOD for that! It's not time for that cute kitty to leave this world. She still has so much to do and see! 

So, all this talk of a possible canceled vacation has me only thinking that i need to take one! So which would it be...

Well... let's choose one for each because I just love to travel! So I guess my answer is ALL THREE! 

This beach is on the island my mother grew up on. I love the red sand and in the summer months, there are tourists as far as the eye can see! I love the shallow water and the history of the place in general! There is a wall built under the water that was built to protect the beach during war times. There is also said to be a cave that was built that went from a high cliff above this beach to under the water all the way to Sicily! All for people to escape! So if I took a trip to a beach, I would love to take my hubby here! He would also get to meet my family! 

Rustic Cabin
These may not count so much as cabins, but they are close enough. These are not far from home, but my hubby and I have definitely wanted to give them a try! We would love to do this with a bunch of friends and just hang by the beach for a week! Shopping and restaurants are close by if you want a quick trip down to hang out, but if you stay down there, you can cook your own meals in the kitchen that is fully functional! 

My sister lives here, so this would kill two birds with one stone. My hubby and I really want to visit Europe period and this would be my choice for the city we would see together! So much still that I'd love to go back to see more of or even just see anew! 

That's my Random Thursday post for the week! 
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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dining Out Together


I've been seeing quite a bit about "Same side sitters" and I've decided to throw my hat in the ring. Gonna share my opinion on this whole thing! 

Here's the thing, it is assumed that same side sitters sit side by side in restaurants becasue: 
-they want to be close (sappy)
-their love is new
-maybe they miss the one they love
-less reach for that next kiss at the table
-many more reasons, many unknown to this gal! 

If this is the reason you sit on the same side as your partner, I have a response for you! 
Ugh! You will have plenty of time to be close to your loved one if it is meant to be and sitting across a table is REALLY not that far away! Kissing is not a preferred activity at a table anyway and maybe should be done in a more private location. In fact, please spare the other diners the trauma of seeing you kiss at the table. The only spit that should be flying is maybe your drool over a delicious meal headed your way! Please save that touchy feely stuff for your home and not for right in front of us. It's just weird! 

I feel this is the general consensus in the blogging world. Nothing new. 
However, I have felt a little self conscious because my husband and I SOMETIMES are that weird couple sitting on the same side of the booth. Trust me though, it is for none of the above reasons! We are perfectly content to have our own space while eating. Elbow room is preferred by us both! 

So here are the reasons we sit on the same side: 
1. We are reading something together. Usually on our iPad. Usually planning a trip or lately house shopping together. 
2. We are watching a TV which would not be view-able to both if we sat separately. This usually occurs when an Angels game is on! In fact I'm not sure it happens any other time. 

So there it is my opinion on the whole thing! 
What do you think? Are my reasons acceptable ones? Or are we just weird? 

Davines Dares

Recently I was introduced to some pretty awesome products. 

Hold on. 

Before I begin this post let me be honest about something:
My scalp has been dry and flaky for YEARS! I don't rememebr a time when it wasn't. 

And so...
My hair stylist recommended and kindly gave me a treatment that she and her salon were new to. She had used the products on her son and had great results. She claimed my case was not as bad as her son's, which I thought was just a nice way of saying "it's not so bad." 
(Sidenote: My hair stylist has become more of a friend than a hair stylist over the years and she is always honest with me, it was maybe a little of my insecurity saying how awful my scalp was.) 

I followed her directions to a T. 
1st 3 weeks: Use the shampoo 3x a week along with the gel for 10 minutes. Do not condition the roots. 
2nd 3 weeks: Use the shampoo and the gel the same way but only 1x a week. 

It worked pretty much the first two times I used the stuff and loved it! Finally I had great hair AND scalp! Its been great! However, I am seeing spots where I need to go back and reapply. Time to treat again. This could be because of the season, time spent with wet hair, time out by the pool, etc. Also, I dyed my hair and it definitely changed my scalp again! 

Regardless, this product did work and though it has changed, it is definitely not as bad as it used to be. I will continue to use the stuff and treat my scalp with great care! 

The best part is my Birchbox had some of the Davines products as well! 
Here they are:

The shampoo and conditioner were nothing super great. I did like the conditioner, but the shampoo is pretty average. However, the Oi (Oil) Absolute Beautifying Potion was great. I am considering getting it with my Birchbox points! 

Overall, Davines' new line of products for the scalp are pretty awesome. I also really like the finishing Oil product! Davines definitely has a new customer and I can't wait to get my hands on other products! 

Have you tried any of these products? 
Do you have dry scalp? If so, what do you do to keep the flakes away? 


Monday, July 22, 2013

Quick! Pizza's HOT!

We all love pizza right? 
Well how about homemade pizza with fresh ingredients? 
To me, homemade and pizza are words that belong together. That and they are automatically coming to my mouth. 

mmmmm... my mouth is watering just thinking about it! 

Here's my recipe for some pretty awesome and quick pizza: 

Waht you'll need:
Lavash bread (1/2 to 1 piece per person) 
Sauce (bbq sauce, marinara, pesto, whatever you like!) - 2 tablespoons per 1/2 piece of bread
Meat - chicken, sausage, sliced deli meats, whatever you like, just have it cooked and ready to go! 
Cheese - shredded and whatever blend you prefer! 
Veggies - bel peppers, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, olives, whatever you like... go for it! 
Herbs and Spices - cilantro, fresh cracked pepper, or even a seasoning blend! 

Assemble your pizza right before cooking to make sure the lavash bread doesnt get too soggy! Put in a toaster oven until the edges are brown, but not too brown! For crispier crust, leave in the oven a bit longer. 

If you don't have a toaster oven, you can use the oven! 
Pre-heat your oven to 375 and then stick in your pizzas, but keep a close eye! They won't take long to crisp up! 

As you can tell, this pizza is whatever you make of it! 

Here's some shots of the BBQ chicken pizza my hubby and I enjoyed a couple weeks ago! 
The crust! 

The sauce! 

The cheese! 

Fresh veggies for under and over the cheese! 
(Fresh green onions on top after baking made each slice that much more flavorful!) 
Putting it all together! 

Mmmm... almost ready for the oven! 

 Ready to bake! 
  After a few minutes in the toaster oven... we get this warm deliciousness! 

What will you put on your pizza!?