Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Trip to Seattle

Hey there! 
Today is the first vacation post! 

Also, just so you all know, my goal is not to inundate you with immense amounts of vacation posts all at once. Instead i am going to keep you wanting more and will post a couple posts a week for the next couple weeks! This way you won't get bored looking at all the pictures all at once! Believe me there's a lot! So without further ado.... 

Our first day we spent traveling, resting and then heading out to dinner... we found a great spot, thanks to yelp reviews and I think i may have red  about  the restaurant on someone's blog at some point or another. We ate at Serious Pie and loved it! 

MMMmmm it sure as tasty! 

The next day we set out to meet this girl...

Rachel the Pike Place Market mascot! 

Here are some other shots from that day down by the market and surrounding areas!

This place made cheese right before our eyes! And it tasted WONDERFUL!

We ate the most delicious mac and cheese made with fresh cheese!!! It claimed to be the World's Best.... and though i know it might compare to your mom's homemade.... I definitely think that this stuff could beat anyone's homemade! Wow! It was good!

After all that wandering we headed back to the hotel to rest up for the baseball game that night! 
Here are some of the sights we saw:


 And ... one last picture for the night.... 

Sunday will be the next Vacation Post!
Hope you enjoyed!