Thursday, August 23, 2012

High 5: 8.24.12

Time to link up with Lauren @ From My Grey Desk

Here's my high five for the week!

A new dress code at work means I am headed shopping! Who knew eliminating shorts, tank tops, and tees would mean I would have nothing to wear. I already found a couple tops but still seem to need a couple more!

New cat toys for the kitten!
It sure has been fun to watch little Lily play, jump, hop and chase whatever it is that moves. She has a new scratching post which seems to have eliminated some of scratching of my legs!

My husband left a comment on this post! He has never commented on a post before and rarely does he read my blog! It was such a sweet and kind surprise! Love that man!

Things are being crossed off the to-do list at work! Love it when that happens! This means I will have a couple freebies for teachers!

It's the weekend! That means breakfast, kickboxing, sleeping in, church, time with friends, relaxation and who knows what else!

The first week is done! Only 175 more days!
Looking forward to getting into the swing of things!

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