Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Random Thursday: Queen for a Day

... is the topic for the Random Thursday link up this week! 

I am excited about this one! 
Oh boy! 

So if i was queen for a day... here is a list of activities I would love to partake in: 
(Remember: when you are a queen money is no object, right?)

1. I would begin my day with a pedicure. 
2. Follow that up with a massage and I am ready to face the day for sure!
3. A little furniture shopping where i can pick whatever I want and not be concerned with the price! 
4. Close escrow on a house. This queen definitely wants her own castle and not a one bedroom apartment. 
5. Mario Batali would cook for me all day and the calories would not count AT ALL! 
6. I would buy a new bag. This one will do. 
7. A queen needs shoes, so why not fin 2 or 10 new pairs? 
8. Oh and I would hit up all my favorite stores. This queen would shop at Target, Old Navy, The Loft, Gap, Victoria's Secret, and a few online shops! 

I think that would make for a very full day! 
My day as queen would be awesome! 

Go see what others would do if they were queen for the day! 


Monday, February 25, 2013

10 on Tuesday 2.26.13

I decided i liked the Ten on Tuesday post... here's mine for the week. 

I have the bunco part taken care of but I am not sure my bunco group is all about the drinking! 
Loved this cartoon none the less!

Any home that my husband and I see right now really just makes us want to have a house! Our "researching" is taking its toll on both of us. But it must be done! 

Body pillows tend to take over a bed. And so do husbands! 

I think that AshLee is gonna win on The Bachelor. I really like her and think she and Sean make a cute couple. He deserves a good girl and she deserves a gentleman! Good luck to you Sean and who ever you choose! 

Uh, just heard on the news that the person who did the voice for Charlie Brown was in jail. And for stalking his ex-girlfrined? I love though that the judge set the bail to high for him to get out! I guess he hasn't made as much money as one would think. Two words for that guy: work much? 

This = amazing!
So talented!

That flu that is going around is quite gnarly! Avoid it a all cost. If you haven't avoided it, take m advice: 

Buy a box of this stuff to save yourself just a little! 

Jennifer Gardner - i loved your dress choice! 

For the record, my husband and i will be watching all of the best picture nominees next year. And then we will watch the entire Academy Awards ceremony! This year all that we saw was Silver Lining's Playbook, which we both LOVED! 

I cannot get enough of these videos of kids! 
WARNING: This is a long video!,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNGD75EYRTOdj7ExhmhjH0cZMUloWg&ust=1361929501053692

Link up if you like! 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

H54F 2.24.13

Whew! What a week this has been! Between sickness hitting our household and then the craziness that work and life can bring, it sure does feel like this week was a whirlwind! Oh boy! 

So, here are my high fives for the week! 
Get well notes from my kiddos. When i called out sick on Tuesday, the therapist that works with my students ditched her original plan for my kiddos and kindly had the kids think about their teacher. They all wrote get well soon notes to me. I got pictures, stickers, notes and so much love from them!On Wednesday morning when i got to work, still feeling crummy, I was so touched to read the motes and look at everything from the kids! It meant a lot! (It has been soooooo crazy since Wednesday that i keep forgetting to take a picture of thier notes!) 

My hubby and i have done so well on our diet! Woo Hoo for Carb Cycling! I will be writing a whole post on this but it hs been great thus far! i love that we are both committed to it and that we can both encourage ech other

A great weekend planned! Saturday we are headed to some fun times with some good friends and I am way excited about it! More details after the event for sure! 

Loving that my husband wants an earlier bed time lately! Usually he is such a night owl, but we have changed our night owl ways and have been hittin' the hay MUCH earlier. Loving that! Who doesn't love sleep?

Friendship. There have been a select few ladies that have lately really stood out to me in the friend department. Those of you that i talk to on a pretty regular basis, though it may not be everyday, you all mean the world to me. For example, i got a text from a friend who was somewhat familiar with my route to work. When a shooter went nuts the other morning and ended up killing himself in an intersection i pass through everyday, i got a text message from a friend making sure i was ok. Luckily, i called in sick that morning! Others have reached out and trusted me with crucial information, invited me to outings, included me in groups i love and really jsut spent time with me. It means so much! These are all people i want in my life and the life of my hubby for a long time!

Head on over to visit Lauren to see everyone else's High Five! 

Sorry for the lack of pics this week! 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Random Thursday: Ridiculous Fears

This one is taking a little more thought. 
I definitely have a few fears. 

It's a good thing, 'cause that is the topic for this week's Random Thursday post! (See the graphic below?)
Go see other ridiculous fears by clicking the button below! Who knows, maybe you will gain a fear you never had? Might be fun right?

Chicken on the bone
I do not like to see remnants of what the animal once was when i am eating it. I especially do not want to see veins in my food. It freaks me out and I have worked really really hard to enjoy my wings. I love the idea of boneless wings and think that they made them just for people like me. I never clean the bone and you will never see me sucking the bones for marrow. I cannot think about this fear when eating chicken wings. I will not be able to enjoy anything else after! 

Enough said. 
(I wont even post a picture of this animal on my blog)

Getting rear ended on the freeway. 
It happened once and i swear if i check my rear view mirror incessantly, that i wont get rear ended again. Traffic especially freaks me out. If ever behind me, please don't rear end me. 

That i will get "Grandma's Second Wave"
You know how your fourth grade teacher used to wave good-bye and then her arm jiggled underneath her wave? Yeah that's grandma's second wave. I don't want it, especially as a teacher. 

Breaking a bone
I have never, not ever broken a bone and it COMPLETELY terrifies me! 
I have been known to say once or twice that I wouldn't ski because i was terrified i would break a bone. This is truly ridiculous! 

Do you have any ridiculous fears? 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Great Ziploc Bag Toss

I've been a bit sick! 102.0 fevers are not fun! They literally are a pain in the back! 

Yesterday i was slated to post a really funny moment between hubs and I, so here goes nothing! 

On Friday night, our car needed gas and hubs and I had no reasons to leave the house other than that. I told him that we didn't have to go out (which we normally do on a Friday night). So he decided to just go get gas and then come home. I stayed home and a moment or two after he left i realized we needed more Ziploc bags from the garage. (We cannot possibly store everything we buy at Costco inside our small 1 bedroom apartment!) So i quickly went to our balcony and called down to him. He responded and then went to check inside the garage to make sure we had another box of Ziploc baggies. We did and my darling husband then attempted to throw them up to me on the balcony. 

Let me stop for a moment and state that we live in an apartment on the third floor. On.the.third.floor. 

His first throw made it to just outside my grasp and landed on the ledge just below our railing. Again, out of my grasp. I then knocked it off the ledge using a hanger and told my darling husband maybe he should just carry it up when he returned from getting gas. 

Nope, not the way my darling husband works. 
He, of course tried again. And then a third time, it did not come close. 
He tried again. And this time the box popped when it hit the side of our building and Ziploc bags rained down everywhere while my husband cheerfully giggled and laughed at himself. I too laughed and then quickly walked inside so he would not be tempted to try again. He went and got gas and returned with a box of baggies that had burst. 

It was a good laugh for the both of us and it sure was our excitement for the night! I thought i would share the excitement!  
How are your Friday nights normally? 
BTW No Ziploc bags were harmed in the writing of this post or even in the story. Every bag was saved. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

H54F 2.15.13

Here's my high 5! 

Dinner at la creperie! One word: YUM! 

This kitty! She has been so sweet the last couple days. This is her rediscovering her bed. (She has not used it since she first came home.)

A day off where i could sport my rainbows! If i could wear these things all the time, i think i would. There was a time in my life where i did! Oh and i get one more three day weekend! Wowie! 

Dieting! This Chris Powell Choose to Lose book sure does work thus far. I am down 7.2 lbs as of Thursday morning and have enjoyed it! It does take effort to plan and prep, but it is worth it! 

Valentines day note from one of the kiddos. This made my day for sure! 
(In case you can't see it, it says "Mrs. Simone is sweet because she has beautiful hair." and yes that is me in the pink box, or at least what looks like a cactus is a drawing of me!) 

Go see Lauren over at From My Grey Desk to see more High 5's! 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Interview with the Hubs

Happy Valentine's Day! 

Today i am participating in a Valentine's day link up! 
Basically I was supposed to have my hubby fill out a questionnaire and then i would answer the same questions with what would be the correct answers. However, it did not turn out this way for me! It turned into an interview/quiz! 

Here are the transcripts 
(and yes, I recorded it, and yes it is edited. Simply put, boys can use crude humor, especially when recorded)

Me: How long have we been married?
Him: Are you recording? We have been married a little over two years. Oh no, two years and 5/8ths

Me: ah, where was our first date?
Him: Wasn't it at the strip club? no? i was at lucky strike and ah ... whats the name of that place? I know where it is and what it is but i just don't remember the exact name. 

Me: OK, Where was our first kiss?
Him: Wow. At the bowling alley when i was staring at your butt. 

Me: Who first said i love you?
Him: I did, 'cause you didn't love me at the time. (laughing)

Me: What were our wedding colors?
Him: It was like a lime green and a dark purple. 
Me: Lime Green? (cracking up!)
Him: Metallic light green.

Me: I guess lime green works. What is my most commonly used phrase? 
Him: Hmm...used phrase? what is it that is something you say that is so annoying? 
Me: OK we are skipping that one...
Him: Why?
Me: Because you don't have an answer.
Him: Commonly used phrase... like for what though?
Me: Just like what do i say all the time?
Him (imitating me while shopping) : "Ohmigosh that's so cute! That's cuter!"

Me: Who is my celebrity crush? 
Him: Your celebrity crush... i think it was Justin Bieber. 
Me: It is so not Justin Bieber. (laughing) What is it?
Him: Bieber fever! Oh Mathew McConaughey ... and or Matt Damon.

Me: If she was ordering drinks for both of you what would you each get?
Him: Beers. Couple of beers.

Me: What is he best meal i have ever cooked for you?
I don't know I'm still trying to figure that one out (laughing). I love you and you keep trying to succeed. Hmm no, the best meal? I wanna get this right. I don't know  What have you made me? Is it a meal? Or dessert? Cheerios. I can't think.
Me: OK what about the worst meal? 
Him: Oh man where do i start? No just kidding. I wanna answer all the questions for your blog! 
Me: (I start listing things to help him out!) Taco beans and rice, lasagna, spaghetti, soups, stews, cowboy casserole, spaghetti squash? 
Him: I love me some taco beans and rice! Dump cake!
Me: OK what about the worst? 
Him: You haven't made anything bad, hun! 

Me: Thanks hun! That was nice! Points! What is the most played song on my iPod?
Him: Don't stop believing (singing!) Um let's see, well i can say what station, you know, country. i just don't know what song because you really don't listen to your iPod anymore really

Me: Yep you're right. What would she say is your most annoying habit?
Him: My most annoying habit. Well i really don't think i have any. I am a walking... (i laugh hysterically while he confers with the cat) My most annoying habit? The belly bump! 

Me: The belly bump is really annoying. What is the last thing she does before going to bed? 
Him: The last thing before you go to bed? You take off your face? 
Me: I go to bed with you every night and you can't tell what i do every night before i got to bed? 
(Husband makes an awful facial expression)
Him: Well, we pray. 

Me: If you could throw out one item of my clothing, what would it be?
Him: Hmm, any baggy pants. 
Me: I don't think i own any baggy pants. 
Him: Like your nigh-nigh pants.
Me: Oh my jammy pants?
Him: I like the tight ones. 

Me: What would you say is your favorite thing about her?
Him: You? About you? Your eyes, your butt. your smile. Your eyes.

Me: What is your favorite go to drink at Starbucks?
Him: Chai tea

Me: Yep, uh huh! What is my blog's name? 
Him: Well, it's Busy as a Honey bee! 
So he basically got it all correct! It was a ton of fun to listen to the recording we made otgether and we both had a great time with these questions, even if it wasn't done like a bridal shower game!

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day filled with lots of love and laughter! 
Be sure to stop by The Life of a Not So Ordinary Wife to see what other hubbys said! I am sure there will be some great laughs! 


Tuesday, February 12, 2013


It's a day before Valentine's Day! 

I am not a huge fan of this holiday, however it is fun to have an evening out and relax. 

My hubs and I did our Valentine's Day celebrating this last Saturday. It was definitely a night that reminded me of why I love him. One date can do that! It's why dating within marriage is so crucial! 

So here are a few of my observations from our date night, all of them are reasons I love my husband:

He is really funny! 
We laughed a bunch on Saturday night! I love going out and having a good laugh together  He is really talented in this area. It can be the simplest thing and he can get me laughin'!

I can rely on him. 
Honestly, where i saw this on Saturday was when I didn't have to drive at night. I do not prefer to drive into unfamiliar areas and lately i know when i go into unfamiliar places i get a bit anxious. Yes, I know i am turning into an old lady. Set in my ways. Either way, my hubs is a great and trusted person to lean on in several other situation as well. He definitely is someone i can depend upon. If anything is wrong, he is there! 

Simple and easy things are made great with him by my side! 
We go out to eat here and there and it really doesn't matter where we go. I feel like it's a fun date any time we go out. I may not always enjoy errands with him (it takes him forever to pick the simplest of things out) but truly it is nice ot have his opinion at times. I especially enjoy grocery shopping and clothing shopping with my hubs! I am sure furniture shopping can be added to the list soon! 

He cares for me. 
It can be really easy to overlook things that he does for me, but I try to make an effort to acknowledge all that my sweet hubby does for me. He helps with the cleaning, he handles our finances, he provides for us, and leads our household. He helps calm my fears and encourages me when i am frustrated or discouraged. He leads us in our spiritual life. He is my strong and courageous man who I love ot have by my side. 
When i married my hubby, it was the best decision that i could have made. He has changed my life in many ways and I cannot wait for the "future" with him. There are truly so many reasons why i love this guy and having a future with someone by my side that i can laugh with, share memories, and care for just enhances my life in so many ways. 

This link up is my excuse for making this blog filled with what i love about my husband! 
Why I Love My Husband  

Hey, it's Valentine's Day, well almost! 
Why do you love your husband or significant other? 

PS. Tomorrow I will be sharing a fun interview that my hubby participated in. It had me rolling, but i am for sure going to have to edit out certain parts. We will see if his humor still shows up on the blog tomorrow! 

Monday, February 11, 2013

House Shopping Helper

House shopping can be tough. My husband and i are definitely navigating our way through the hoops so far and we are still early in the game, so to say! 

We have yet to look at a bunch of houses/properties but i created this little document to help us out! 

This is completely free and I hope that when the time comes that you might use this to help you a bit! I know it will come in super handy to us while we visit a few neighborhoods! 

Have you bought a house before?
What did you use to help you stay organized? 


I found another one. 

It's not like a spot, zit, or a stain, but really something that brings more joy than that. 

I posted a few days ago about my celebrity crushes. My embarrassing celebrity crushes. 

Welp, this weekend, I think i may have found another one. 
We had our date night planned. And this date night definitely included some cheat meals. (So far this has been a relief from the dieting and a welcome day of eating whatever and whenever you like.) More on the cheat meal in a minute or so... cause it cannot go unmentioned. 

So, we also had tickets to see Ira Glass

Do you know who this guy is? 
Well, he should be the face of public radio. He has been on the radio or producing stories for the radio since he was 19 years old! And his guy is in his 50s! He has made a career out of public radio! How awesome!?!? 
So basically, this man, old enough to date my mother (he's married) is my latest crush. And he is sort of a celebrity, though he recently broadcasted his doppelganger who did a great impression of him. He clearly stated in that program of This American Life that Ira "was not famous enough" for the impersonation to matter. 

Either way, he is my latest embarrassing celebrity crush! 
Maybe it's his humor. 
Or maybe its his intelligence. 
I know it's not his religion. (I just read that he is an atheist.)
Maybe it's the way he puts words and thoughts together on the radio. 
Or maybe it's his horn-rimmed glasses. 
Whatever it is, I was smitten the moment he walked out onto a dark stage. 

In my opinion, you all need to go see Ira.
He's great! 
PS Here is my food porn from the weekend! Crepes! 

Sorry the pics are a bit dark. I tried to adjust them a bit but I did not want a flash going off in a cute restaurant like La Creperie! Um, one word should be said about our experience, YUMMMMMM!!!! 

Friday, February 8, 2013

February already?

A quick extra post... just for fun! 

I cannot believe that it is already February! 

Most of this is self explanatory, but I will explain the pet peeves. 
Tags sticking out - i hate even thinking about a person's tag sticking out of their shirt. It bugs me just cause i always just want to stick it back in! I always have the conversation in my head of whether i know the person well enough to tuck their tag in for them. I have been known to stick a  complete stranger's tag in! 
Laziness at work - do i need ot explain this one? I will say though that i feel like i have been a bit lazy lately! Just can't seem to get into a groove since we got back from Winter break! 
Not being able to sleep in - this needs NO explanation! 

Head over to see what other teachers are currently up to!
Hope you all have a great weekend! 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Letters to Friday 2.8.12

Dear Friday - it took me until today to realize that this week went by so quickly! Do me a favor help me out a bit with next week... make it go quick! I'll even help you out a bit, I have Monday off! Can't wait to see you next week too! You are so much sweeter when we have back to back thee day weekends! 

Dear February - Thank God for your celebration of our former presidents! 

Dear Autism Authorization - I love that i can sit in my jammies and learn, but do you really need so many lessons? I have set a goal to finish you once and for all by June! I better get crackin', so be ready to spend some time with me! 

Dear Housing Market - Please be kind, I want a house NOW! 

Dear Chris Powell - Your book has changed our life. We are both down at least 5 lbs! Thanks for the Carb Cycle Plan! Love that i get to cheat, but also that the food has been great! 

Dear Hubs - I can't wait to go house shopping with you! And boy, can i not wait until we own our own house! I will be so stinking excited on the day we get keys! Way excited about that, but also excited for our date night! Oh and, that pic of us at your company Christmas party turned out great! 
PS. Cheat day is coming and losing weight with you has been fun! 

Dear Ira Glass - Um, I'm smitten and cannot wait ot see you on Saturday night. Thanks to a friend who knew of my love for your show, I get to come and see you live. Holy cow! I am a little excited, to say the least! 

Dear Followers, new and old - I am so blessed to have you around on my little blog! I cannot believe that this blog has hit over 200 followers! Wowie! Thanks for all the comments, thoughts, and following. I'm definitely glad to have every follower around, so really thanks to you ALL! 

Dear Lily - Even though you have grown so much and you are losing all your kitten-y looks, I still see that same cute kitten that we brought home in August! You were only six week old then and still, i get so excited to come home to you! It's even better when i can see you in the window waiting and watching all that goes on! 

Dear Bed - I wish i could be tucked in and warm under the covers by this time more than one time a week from now on! What's that you say? Oh you're calling my name... I will be there soon! 

Dear Natalie - Wondering if you will see my little shout out! Happy Birthday my friend! I am so blessed to work with you. It really means a lot to have the support that i receive from you and I am truly blessed to have you to work with! Thank you for all that you do to help our students. Thank you for being there to hear frustrations, successes, and just get feedback from. It's been awesome working with you this year! 

Linking up with Ashley over at The Sweet Season