Monday, August 6, 2012

A Whole Bunch of Currently

OK three things for today's post! 
1. I am officially listed as a SoCal Lady Blogger!!! Check out some of the other Southern Californian ladies who blog! I am listed under Orange County, History and Education, and Home Food and Craft and Lifestyle! Lots of categories for this little blog! I also linked up a post that i was proud of this week... check it out here!

2. Here's my August Currently...

My Back to School Must Haves...
1. A buggy life is the life for me! Gonna make a whole bunch of cute little buggy signs for around the room! 
2. Some new clothes would be a good thing! My wardrobe is needing updating! 
3. I have a whole list of supplies that i need to invest in! Gonna stop at staples today! 

OK and last but not least...
3. Remember how i said i was participating in my the Pen Friend Project...
Suburban Sweets

Welp, while i was gone... I got introduced to this lovely blogger! She is so awesome.... and BRAVE! (She posted a VLOG and has blogged about some loss in her family! So go check out Taylor at Goings on in Texas! 
Goings on in Texas

That's all for today! 
All caught up and I'm pretty proud that there was a post for everyday that i was gone!