Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I'm here... i promise! Though the next couple weeks may be a bit spotty on my part just due to the business of ending a school year! As of today, my school has 2.5 school days this week and then the same for next week! We are done as of Wednesday at 12:30! Can.not.wait! 
But of course summer school begins the following Monday! 

While Life has been a bit hectic, it hasn't been as crazy as this! 

For those that may or may not know, I am 100% full blooded Maltese (but I am not a dog!). It is a nationality, not just a dog breed! And the video above was taken at a place that I have been to from a distance! It is the Azure Window! It is such a beautiful spot but the elements are definitely visible! It can be a risky spot often plagued by high winds and strong currents! 
With high cliffs on every side, these people look even more crazy! 

Off to go catch up on The Bachelorette! 


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Random Thursday: A Girl Can Dream

This week's Random Thursday topic is right up my alley right now! House shopping has me dreaming of a great big house someday. While we are shopping for something more conservative, I can still dream. 

Topic for the week:

This is what my dream home would look like from the outside and of course i would add a picket fence that has flowers all around it! 

And this would be my kitchen:

Maybe with a booth/breakfast nook like this?

My closet would look like this! 

And my bathroom like this:
Source: houzz.com via Simone on Pinterest

Wouldn't mind a good looking mudroom like this! Though in California, a mudroom is not entirely needed nor common! 
Source: houzz.com via Simone on Pinterest

Love this and think that this phrase will be in our home at some point! 

I would love a garden like this:

These is still so much more that i could wish for, but i think you get the idea! So, while my hubs and I sit here and wait for our offers to get denied and hope for one to be accepted, this girl is gonna sit back and dream! 

See what other people dreamed of or better yet, share your dream home! Link up! 

you're meaghan me crazy


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Man I Barely Knew

We recently celebrated the life of a great man.

This was a man I barely knew, though i feel as though i had known him. With all the stories I have heard and the way saw his family love him, I felt as though i knew him. Truth is, I had met him and been around in several times, but I did not know the man he was. Tragically, I knew a sickly remnant of what my husband knew as Grandpa John. He passed away on April 20th. 

I wish i had known him before he had gotten sick so that i could have heard what I am sure he wanted to say. He seemed to me to be a man who just wanted to share with everyone. He often tried to talk, but it was often difficult for me to understand. I honestly felt like he was trapped in a body that prevented him from being himself. I think his family might agree. 

I took the passing of Granpa John as an opportunity to learn about him and his life. 
Here's my tribute to a great man:

He was Italian in heritage and born in 1921. 

He grew up in Long Beach, California during the depression. 

He was there the day that will forever "live in infamy" 
He served in the Army during World War II with his brother and cousin. 
He worked as a volunteer to tell others about Pearl Harbor on the USS Arizona Memorial.

He was never afraid to share his beliefs, especially those that were political. 

He had 4 children with his wife Eugenia May, who he is now buried beside. 
On Sundays, he usually went and visited all of his children, their wives and children. 

My husband reading Grandpa John's account of what his experiences were like the morning of Dec. 7th, 1941. 
He had 11 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. 
He was cared for and deeply loved. 

Even though I feel as though i knew him, I cannot help but wish I had known him well before I did. For many this funeral was to say good bye, but for me this was, in a sense, a hello. I definitely learned a bunch about the last name that i now carry and I am proud to have this man's name. I only wish i had known him better! 

Monday, May 13, 2013

A Bad Hair Day ... No More!

Washing my hair can be quite the chore. I have wavy/curly/frizzy and sometimes dry hair. I also have long hair. I straighten my hair on a daily basis, but over the years i have perfected a schedule that really helps me to keep my locks under control. While i know my schedule is not for everyone, I thought i would share my general routine while also giving some tips for creating a schedule you can live by! Or better yet that can help your hair fly free! 

What I Do:

Hair Washing Nights: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday or Sunday, can go 2-3 days without washing without looking greasy! (This is important!)
Drying Routine: Air dry at night and tie in a pony tail for bed, rarely use the blow dryer 

Straightening Routine: Wednesday morning, Friday morning, and Saturday day or Monday morning are when i separate my hair into parts and straighten each layer of hair, beginning from the nape of my neck and then all the way up to my bangs!

I use a dry shampoo when needed. 
I also tailor my hair washing to my workout schedule.  
I use a shower cap on a regular basis! 
I sleep with my hair in a pony tail that is half way pulled through the hair tie. 

A few notes: I work out regularly on Tuesday & Thursday nights, and Saturday mornings. This is why   wash my hair on those same nights. My Thursday night washing is so close to my Saturday workout that I can get away with not washing of Saturday, if I want. I can also chose to wash my hair so I don't have to wake up Monday and spend a little extra time on my hair. 

So that's my routine! I know this may not work for everyone, but, it has really helped me to keep a routine and I helps me on those nights where I just dont feel like washing my hair! I feel like my time is made free just because I don't have to wash my hair every night! 

PS. Pictured above are some of the products I use. I use a Jilebere by Paris straightener that has concave plates. This only means that I can curl my ends if it like! I use Redken Soft Shampoo and Conditioner, which i love. And then I use the moisturizing version of Tresemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo. Many have said that this leave the hair really powdery, but i have not found this to be the case. It could be that this product I happened to choose, really works for my hair but it also could be that others may not have as oily hair or whatever. Regardless, this works for me! I have also heard that baby powder can word just as well! 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Currently Wanting a House

I've be late to this party before, but of course here is my monthly currently! 

So here's some explanation to go with that super cute graphic! 
I decided while we are forced to watch hooked on Netflix  why not watch this show from the beginning. I never got it and I was always told that if you watched from the beginning it would all make sense. So far, I agree! One episode down and something like 159 to go! 

My mom is super skinny lately and I am not! However, i have lost enough to fit into her old pants! She had some white jeans that i have actually been wanting and I fit! Yahoo for free pants! 

This house shopping thing has been so tough. It can bee really stressful and heartbreaking but yet exciting and exhilarating all that the same time. It is nerve racking and sad, expensive and scary. Too many emotions to count! We both just really want to own a place of our own like NOW! 

Yep, just want to be in our house ... no explanation needed there! 

I watched a movie called Breaking Upwards and really enjoyed it! Hubby is napping which makes him happy too and then we both have some down time. Super nice! 

MY summer bucket list: 
1. I want to read a bunch!
2. Lord willing we will find a place and we will getto move while I am on summer break or even while I am still teaching summer school! 
3. Time with family and friends. And who knows if we are moving into a house that needs work it might meanthat we are spending time together working on our house! We will see how it all goes! 

Ok that's my curently... off to go follow the rule of three and see what others gals are doing! 
Check em out with me! 

Happy Monday! 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Couldn't Do It

Shh.... don't tell a soul! 
So many secrets to hide and yet today's random Thursday topic is one I am having difficulty with. 

you're meaghan me crazy

Here's why:
Yes, there are things that i have not completely shared with the blogosphere but that is only in an effort to not have my personal life COMPLETELY broadcasted over the inter-web  So instead of divulging what i really could tell you and what you will probably know in due time, I am going to be completely honest and spare you some farce of a "secret" that i have deemed a secret for now and only because that is the topic of the day. 

Why would i still ink up? 
I think this is a good opportunity to share what blogging is to me. Besides, I typically do this link up without hesitation and its late and i did not realize the topic until a few moments ago. 
Blogging is an outlet. A place where I can share parts of me. But we also have to keep in mind how inundated we are by social media. Let's face it, i don't want something I post to come back and bite me in the behind! I am a teacher and I have students, special though they are, I truly think they are computer savvy enough to figure things out one day! I don't want them or their parents to find out something that I truly only want my family and close friends to know. Better yet, I wouldn't want to jeopardize the feeling of my loved one, my career, well being, livelihood or otherwise just for the sake of entertaining my followers! As a blogger, this can be a very fine line, though some really create a hard and fast line with what they post and share with the world. 

So there's my secret... I keep secrets! 
Well, that is, I am create boundaries to protect myself and those I love. 

How do you feel about secrets being posted on the internet?
Have you ever found out something on Facebook or other social media that you wished you had heard from the person instead? 

PS. Lin, Em and Meg - don't hate me for not divulging anything juicy! 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Whimsy in My Speakers

Maybe you have seen this gal on someone else's blog, but today I have been given the great pleasure of reviewing an artist and not just any other girl! 
Rebecca Roubion
 is a fresh new voice that has a whimsical sense about her. Her music is relaxing and refreshing  While it may not have been something i would have chosen to listen to on my own, it has been nice to keep on and her son "Love Me Now" seems to keep getting stuck in my head! This is a tough thing to do, as i usually have so much country on that a new song that is not played on the radio rarely gets caught in my head! Check out her video for the catchy tune:

When i like a song, I try to really get behind the music. I like to learn about why a song was written and what the meaning is behind the lyrics. So, while googling Rebecca's lyrics, I learned that she wrote this song to talk about that feeling you get when you are first in love, but not even really in love yet! knowing this makes the song seem sweeter! 

Anyway, i am talking all about this song, but I am also here to share Rebecca's NEW (as in just released today!!!) album "Forests."  I have listened to it a bit and can't wait to have a few of her songs stuck in m head!

Confession: While i love this new album, i also love that Rebecca's newer stuff is just the tip of the iceberg! She has some really great songs and it makes me really excited for what is to come! Yes, i was asked to review her music and have totally fallen in love with her take on life and love.

I hope you might check out this girly! She really has some talent and who knows, maybe someday you will say heard her music on this blog first! 


Thursday, May 2, 2013

h&c for the week

I am in a "speak from the heart" blase sort of mood, though i should be prety stoked to go to the Angel game tonight (I am obviously writing on Thursday!). Due to my mood and lack of creativity, it is definitely a Happies and Crappies post! Though i fear my crappies will outweigh my happies this week... 

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up


one - A funeral mid-week is weird and sad. It was an emotional and long day. It's also extremely odd to be out of work mid week and then go back for two more days of work! 

two - My classroom is NUT-SO! I have gotten yet another new student and have officially maxed out. There are no more tiny desks to put those hinneys in! This kids are in total upheaval and all my aides and i can do is try to maintain as much as possible! Oh Geez! Its been a rough week to say the least! 

three - I have not worked out this week! Between funeral events, tonight's surprise baseball game (with seats we could not refuse) and just general home shopping time constraints. I have not made it to the gym! Ugh! Why does that seem to happen when you need it the most!? 

four -  I am way behind on my Autism Authorization program! Ugh gotta get on it for sure!

five - The housing market needs to get better for first time home buyers in Orange County, like now! I just want a house where we can stay for 5-7 years that is not in a bad part of town! The inventory of homes here in this county stinks! 


one - We made our first offer on a house! AS scary and overwhelming
 as it was, it was still nice to be able to say we could do it! And no, our offer was not accepted. On to something better! 

two - Seeing my husband's family was good. It is always nice to see those that are considered family! 

three - I love watching my friends children grow up! We went to a one year old's party this past weekend and loved seeing her dig into her cake! Her mom (And dad too!) threw a great party! Check out the cute banner this crafty lady made! Oh and have i mentioned that this mama started a blog! I love her sass and her truthfulness! Check her out here! (This is soooooo totally my way of maybe getting her to write more than one post!)

four - Going to a baseball game with my hubby and sitting in a SUITE! Wowie! Check out my instagram to see updated pictures! 

Well, i guess i was correct when i said the crappies are more than the happies. Regardless of the rough stuff, I am still happy and it was just a crummy week in this bee's life! Hope you all had a great week! 


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

RT: Spring's Wishful Wardrobe

This has been such a random Wednesday that this whole Random Thursday thing just kind of works! I have been off work today (Wednesday) due to attending the funeral of my Granfather-In-Law.  It's been random because i have never had a Saturday mid-week! 
you're meaghan me crazy

So, needless to say, I am by no means in the mood to try on a bunch of cute outfits to show you what my favorite Spring Apparel is. Here's what I am thinking: kill two bird with one stone. I have needed to browse some of Old Navy's newest fashions.... headed there right now and gonna share my faves with you for sure! 

(Can i have this one in every print and color they have?) 

OK enough salivating over things i cannot really purchase, not at least while we are saving for a home of our own! Basically, here in the sunny state of CA and more specifically in Southern CA, short sleeves, mid-length sleeves, cropped pants, cute dresses, and bright colors round out my spring apparel. As of right now, none of these items are in my closet, but i wish they were! 

Hope that gives you a peek into what i would choose this spring! 
What do you wear when the weather starts to warm up and the flowers start to bloom?