Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Random Thursdays: Fun Summer Reads!

Phew... Almost done with the first week of the school year!

And .... 
Oh boy this blog hit 100 followers last night!!!!!!
I could write what an amazing journey this has been, and boy has it, but instead of typing away I am gonna get right to scheduling an awesome giveaway! (i have been saying this for awhile, but truly have ideas that have not gone much farther than that!)

So, today's my first link up for random Thursday! The topic this week is 

So here we go ...

This summer I actually joined a book club with some of my co-workers. It has been fun to try different restaurants and discuss books with girls that I work with! All this while we may or may not have been trying a few drinks! 

We began the summer with the book 

...... And I HATED IT! 
I usually am determined to finish a book i start, but in this case I did not like it and ended up putting it down! Plus this was my first experience with reading on the iPad. Not a great beginning! 

Then we read Little Bee by Chris Cleave. I truly enjoyed this book. It was good to talk about and the story, though not very light, it was definitely a good story. 

Then my book club moved on to this book:
This book has been pretty stinking hilarious. Those of you that might like a few swear words, funny rants and really long sentences ight ike this bloggers memoir. It has been great thus far. I have laughed out loud on several occasions, including ones in public! I even read a portion out loud to my husband and he thought it was pretty funny and ridiculous. This is also my second try at reading on the iPand and have thus far enjoyed it! 

I also started another book (that my book club is not reading) from my favorite author. (I believe i have ready every single one of her books except for In her Shoes and that is just  because i refuse to read a book if i have seen the movie!) So I am still working on this one: 
I have enjoyed his story so far, but i think it is a given. I love this author and wil lread anythign she puts out! It's great light summer reading. 

I also love to read Real Simple. I am a bit behind so I have been reading the May issue of this magazine! But usually i read them really quickly and then i feel as though i have none to read for weeks! This time i am behind and it will take me a couple times to actually read them! 

In addition this magazine has great digital copies that have been really handy. 

In addition to all of this reading I have been following a few blogs. Here are a few that I love: 

I know there's like a ton more ... but that is all i am willing to put into tonight! there are so many blogs i love! 

So that is my list of fun summer reads for this summer! 
What have you been reading? 

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This might become a regular post... thinking about replacing one of my link ups each week with this one. Its kind of time to switch things up! What do you all think? 
PS. I decided (on purpose) that i m not going to read 50 shades of gray. My mom then told me last night that she was gonna buy it and that after she was done she would lend it to me. I am not sure about this one, but it most definitely made me crack up!