Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Random Pins

Umm so i think the question is what haven't i been pinning this week!?!? I think i am not alone when i say that I got through pinning phases! Sometimes i pin ALL.the.time. while other times I am quite content to pin only a couple items! It depends on my mood. It also depends on what others are pinning, but nonetheless this was a week of tons of pins! 

Here's just a smattering of them:

I just bought all the ingredients for this tonight and my husband does not know my plan to make this wonderful warm goodness! 

My hubs even liked this one! 

Next time i make a wreath! Also, got a wreath ready to be made ... just gotta wrap the foam! (I will of course post pics once it is done!)

Source: amazon.com via Simone on Pinterest

Thinking this might come in handy with my work's new dress code! (no sleeveless, no shorts, plus some other rules). 

This looks yummy!

Really wanting to see what i can find here! 

Some healthy lunch ideas.... GREAT for the teacher too! 

Would like to use this in the classroom and maybe even when kids come my way! Here's what the caption said: "behavior board. When students do something good, pull out a stick with a number on it (1-100). When 10 numbers in a row are colored in, students get a party!"

Wrap scarves around cardboard and put in a drawer! This might be better than the contraption i am currently using! 

OK ... there's a few of the random pins that i have pinned this last week! There's no real theme due to the fact that i have been finding so much! Follow me and see them all! 
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I'll be back tomorrow with a new link up! Look out Linny and friends.... its time for Random Thursday. 

Hope you all are having a great week!