Saturday, August 4, 2012

It is coming!

As I left town, I had 93 followers. Holy Cow!!!! It seems that i will probably hit 100 followers while i am gone, or close to it! I never thought that so many people would follow! And let me tell you it has meant so much to me that you all follow me and the goings on in my classroom, life, kitchen, closet and what not! This blogging world has been a rewarding endeavor for me and I cannot wait to see how it will grow and change over time! Well, usually bloggers have a giveaway at this huge milestone and I am thinking that when I return I for sure will be organizing something! Who knew that this milestone of my little blog would bemet while i am on vacation! I have some great ideas for a giveaway and I cannot wait to share them all with you just like I cannot wait to share this blog with you! So for now, just hang tight! A giveaway is a coming! If you are new here: a BIG HUGE welcome! I hope you like it here and that you stay awhile! Photobucket Ps. As this posts I should be Headed home on an airport shuttle! Then, guess what? After a little adjustment time... Some posts with Alaska and Seattle details!! PPS. I created this post on my iPad at LAX, so my little signature is huge! Oh well!