Sunday, August 26, 2012

Memories & Roses

Alright, so last week Jessica over @ Lovely Little Things went on a vacation and we missed our chance to stop and smell the roses! So today, whether she posts the link up or not, I am sharing my peek into my memory box (which was the task assigned 2 weeks ago!) 

So technically i do not have a "box" per se, but i do have a handy basket where i put pictures, photo albums, ticket stubs, etc. Here it is: 

It was really fun to look through our photos and remember events that have happened in my lifetime. I found lots of birth announcements (which i save to remember these little munchkins birthdays!) 

But i also had a chance to look at all my photo albums! The one on top that is most visible is the one i made of our honeymoon! I love that book because i really took the time to record what happened on our honeymoon! Other books i looked at include family trips and even a book that was made to remember my dear friend Chuck (See this post for that story). 
 Even Lily wanted to learn a little about the memories i have had in my lifetime! 
This task sure was fun! I am a person who likes to-do lists, a busy schedule, and enjoying the next adventure. So with that, i often do not take the time to look back and reminisce. This is truly something that everyone needs to do. It is the reason why we take snapshots. And nowadays with all the smart phones or whatever electric device you use to capture photos... we take an exorbitant amount of photos! People, myself included, even photograph their meal before they eat it! There are so many memories that are a part of our lives. Sometimes stopping to remember the good times can remind you of the importance of stopping to smell the roses! 

Lovely Little Things

Have a great start to the week! 


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