Monday, April 29, 2013

I'm Back Y'all

Ahhh ... there's nothing like an impromptu break! I'm back, but definitely needed the rest! 

Thought i would catch y'all up by posting some Instagram and iPhone shots that i have taken recently. 
(BTW I always seem to avoid using the word y'all cause i don't want to seem like i have a Texas accent, well, i am done skipping that word. It will be around for a while!)
Here they are:

This kitty keps finding new hiding places to hide. Here she is with the dish cloths! 
 And then hiding under a blanket on my lap! 

 New sandals that are dress code approved!

 We went and visited our friends in Riverside and Lily wanted to join us! 
It was so cute to watch her climb in and watch me pack! 

 We played a little pool and the boys smoked the girls! 
I think I scratched more than I ever have!  

 The ladies! 
If you don't recognize her, that Jami from Somewhat Domesticated! Love her! 

The next morning Jami and I walked up Mount Roubidoux. It was beautiful! 

 Jami and I met up with these great bloggers: Lin and Shelley 

 Spent some time cuddling with Jami's kitten! Look at that face! 

 I won the prize at Bunco last week! It's so cute and will go great in our new patio when the time comes! 

 Celebrated this little one's 1st year of life! 
Her mom did a Minnie theme and everything turned out awesome! 

 Ended Saturday with a late night trip to Target after a late night dinner. Found a new makeup brush. Have you ever tried Sonia Kashuk brushes? I have tried some of the eye shadow in the past, but i have loved the brushes for a long, long, long time! 
 And lastly, our Realtor has been super helpful and informative. This first time buyer has major jitters and with our first offer on the table, I am so hot and cold it is not even funny! One minute i can't wait and the next, I am freaking out and wishing for something else. Is this normal? Anyway, I thanked our Realtor for her patience and her response was this:
Best part of that email: she was encouraging and used the word y'all! 

This blogger's back! Hope you didn't miss me too much! 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Weekend Away (Well Kinda)

Its been a rough week in my neck of the woods... well at least from my neck up! 
Hence the lack of posting this week! I have been battling one hec of an allergy season complete with sneezing so much my throat is raw, headaches, sinus pressure, watery eyes and itchy ears! 

Needless to say, I am WAY happy that the weekend is approaching! 

For lack of a better idea and thinking through my allergic haze... here are my happies and crappies for the week! 

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up


As of the end of next week, we are READY to make an offer on a home should one that we like come available! It is so close I can taste it. We of course know that we aren't going to find a home right away. In fact our Realtor called to make sure this fact was crystal clear. It will take a while, but knowing that we are able to do something besides look at homes is feeling like a relief. 

My hubs and I are staying with my favorite blogger/awesome friend and her hubby on Friday night. Can't wait! The boys are working on their house on Saturday and well ... as she put it in an email this week.... while the boys work away, the girls will play! Hiking Mount Roubidoux, lunch and some shopping, count me in! Oh and did i mention we are meeting up with Lin?!?!? So excited! 

Sleep! Wednesday night i went to bed at 9 pm! It felt so good to get that much sleep midweek! 

My kitty just adds so much to our home. She must make the happies list, because she really does make me so happy! 

New sandals that I only paid $!7 for!
(Pic to come next week)

and now for the ...


(See above for more detail)

My students have been a bit nuts! It definitely is gonna be an interesting Spring and Summer for sure! 

Hubs and I realized that the car must have gotten backed into. There is a crack and a spot where we think the tailpipe of another vehicle must have been hot enough to melt the paint on our bumper! Not happy! 

Leaving the kitty for the first time! While i am so excited for weekend plans, I know that i am truly gonna miss waking up to that little face. It's a good thing there are kitties where we are staying! (She is currently trying to lick my fingers as i type this post!) 

I think that's all for now! Pics will come next week, it's late and my bed is calling! It's alright, go ahead and call me a lazy blogger! I will just be here trying to breathe through my super stuffy nose! 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Still Going After All These Years

Reading has been a hobby of mine since high school and maybe even before. It is definitely something my mother and teachers helped to develop over time. I remember sitting in my room for hours and hours on end and then eventually moving to the backyard to read and read and read. Pages and pages of books that i just could not put down. I still love to read, but my habits have definitely changed over the years! 
Even though i am still reading the same book as last month, I thought I would still link up and share some of my reading habits! Head on over to Taylor and Lesley's blogs to check out more reading habits! 

Pink Heels Pink Truck
What are you currently reading? 

I am still reading How to Bake a Perfect Life and it has finally gotten good! Even still I am not reading as much as i would like! Life just seems too busy and finding time to read can be a bit tough! 

Amazon or brick and mortar? Locally owned bookshop or big name chain store?
I love brick and mortar book stores! Love to go there, but lately I have been buying all my books as digital copies. I feel it is just easier since i have that thing with me pretty much all the time! When i do go to a book store, it's Barnes and Noble for me. It seems like there are fewer and fewer options when it comes to great small book shops! Sad! 

Bookmark or dog-ear?
Typically a book mark does the trick for me! 

Alphabetize by author or alphabetize by title or random?
I order my books randomly! Currently they are in the "however they fit in a box" order! That's right they are all packed away in a box or two in my garage! 

Keep, throw away, or sell?
If it's a favorite book, i tend to want to keep it, but I am learning that i don't want to have to store the dust collectors! Thinking i might begin to sell my books when I'm done with them as soon as we move and unpack that garage! 

Keep dust jacket or toss it?
Read with dust jacket or remove it?
I hate that darn dust jacket! It always seems to get in the way, that is when i am reading a hard covered book! I am usually reading a paperback. I prefer them! 

Short story or novel? Collection (short stories by same author) or anthology (short stories by different authors)?
Um, all of the above. I love fiction and biographies are pretty awesome too! 

Stop reading when tired or at chapter breaks?
I usually stop when i can't keep my eyes open anymore and if that happens to be when a chapter begins or ends, then great! 

“It was a dark and stormy night” or “Once upon a time”?
Not one for mysteries and suspense in the books i read, so i would say that i lean more towards "Once Upon a Time"!

Buy or borrow? New or used?
Love to borrow and buy used books! I love that the pages are broken in and that someone before you really enjoyed that page and cared to turn it!  I have a few friends that don't believe in keeping books on shelves and often give away stacks of books to share with friends! Love that! 

Buying choice: book reviews, recommendation or browse?
I like to go off of recommendations from friends, especially ones that have similar reading tastes! My book club gals always seem to have some good ones that I should definitely add to my list! I love to browse too! But finding the right one can be quite overwhelming! 

Tidy ending or cliffhanger?
There's nothing wrong with a little bit of both! 

Morning, afternoon or nighttime reading?
Depends on if I am working! Breaks from work make me a reader of any time! 

Single volume or series?
I haven't read many series, at least not in their entirety. I got to about book 5 in the Harry Potter series and have read a lot by a few single authors but not many series. It seems whne i read a book i truly enjoy that is just a single volume, I then wish it was turned into a series! This is truly how I feel about The Help! 

Favorite series?
See previous question. 

Favorite book of which nobody else has heard?
Hmm... tough question for me. A lot of what i read is pretty well known. That and I'm having some difficulty figuring out what i have read! Ok so, here's one not many know about: 

Loved how funny and educational this book was! It really made me think twice about how things are presented to people who are new to our country! It isn't always a pretty picture no matter which country one is trying to assimilate to! 

I may have different habits than what I had when i first began enjoying books, but i still love to read and this summer, with a whole 4 weeks off, I plan to read a bunch! Can.not.wait! 

What are some of your reading habits? 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

You're the Winner

Thought i would help out another blogger with another giveaway! 
It all started yesterday and ends soon! There are so many RAD prizes that could be won by ONE lucky  person! That could be you! 

One very lucky winner will receive:

$45 Amazon
$15 Starbucks
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1 hr We Talk: You Write session

5 RedBox movie codes (US only, expires Aug 1/13)
Wedge ad space on Lipgloss & Crayons
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Large ad space from Mikaela Rae
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3 months ad space on Girl Booklet

Enter now and help give Lesley a big ol' high five for her first year of blogging! 


Wednesday, April 10, 2013


... is this week's topic for Random Thursday! 

So here's some stuff I'm addicted to: 

My mouth watered when i saw this on the Birchbox Website! 
Need a referral to Birchbox? Click here! 

Greek Yogurt! 
I literally buy 2 huge tubs a week and then 12 individual mini tubs for on the go! That stuff gets pricey! But every time I have some, I love it all over again and my wallet doesn't hurt so bad! 
Check out this post for how i prepare my Greek yogurt! It's sweet, fruity and really SOOOO much less in the sugar department! 

The Highway on XM
I never thought i would love having XM radio so much, bu truly I do! I love this station in the car and the fact that the djs are NOT at all annoying is a big huge plus! There aren't commercials and the music selection is always pretty great! 
Anyone else listen to the highway on Sirius/XM?
(Not the best photo but i was moving quick to be sure i got the name of that song! And yep, more  addictions: Country Music and this song - Runnin' Outta Moonlight by Randy Houser!)

The Carrie Diaries
I loved Sex and the City, but this is a younger version of Carrie Bradshaw! Yes, I now I am not 12, and maybe i should steer clear of the CW network, but this show has gotten my attention. It is kind of like My So Called Life meets Sex and the City! The girl who plays Carrie is adorable and has GREAT hair! 

My iPad! 
Shh... don't tell hubs I admitted this! He would be agreeing with me right now! 
I love tht darn thing and take it almost everywhere. It's where I follow blogs, comment on blogs, read my book, listen to NPR, listen to Pandora, find my latest workout, visit Pinterest, and gosh so much more! 

Playing fetch with the most adorable kitten in the world! 
Ok so she is almost fully grown, but will always be my little kitten! She is awesome! She is incredibly talented at bringing her ball, an old headband or hair tie, mouse toy, or some of her other small toys back when we chuck it across the room! We are currently playing this as i write this post! She is so cute. She brings it back and puts her paw on my foot to let me know that she has returned with her toy as if to say "please throw it"! Love it! 
I would post a video, but it is really hard to get a video of her doing this! 

I think that is a lot of stuff to be addicted to ... though i am truly sure i could add a few others like, sticky notes, pens, Pieology, and maybe some Chapstick! I could keep going, but i'm gonna stop NOW! 

What are your addictions? Healthy ones of course! 
Check out what others are addicted to! 


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April Currently

Here's my currently for the month of April! 

Side Note: Can you believe it's already April???!??!? Summer's just around the corner! 

Listening: yep TMZ is on ... there was a funny conversation about Dodger dogs v. Angel Dogs.... pretty funny! 

Loving: We have been doing nothing but researching and researching and then doing that all over again! I think we are about ready to make offers but our bank account is about 4 weeks behind! In short, if something comes available at the beginning of May this couple will be ready to offer away! Key word to focus on there: IF! Either way, I am pretty excited and praying for it all to work out before our lease is up! 

Thinking: There is definitely a stench coming from the TurboTax program on hubs' computer! Mostly because we owe a bunch this year! Ugh! 

Wanting: More time for spring break .. ummm who doesnt?

Needing: Yep, homework that is self paced only leaves me feeling far behind ALWAYS! 

Advice: This one's for the bloggers out there... don't worry about the numbers, just enjoy and then the readers will show up! 

Off to visit three blogs! Hope you are having a great week! 

Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Break In Review

It was back to work for this teacher yesterday! The question so many of us get after our spring breaks? "How was your week off?" Mine was good! I had a pretty relaxing week and enjoyed making my own schedule and trying to get some stuff done while also relaxing! 

Here's my week in review (in photo format!) 
Easter Sunday was a great day filled with fun! Oh and it was a great reminder of how blessed my hubs and I truly are. Check out this post to read more! 

A To-Do List was NECESSARY! I felt like i needed this to help keep focused each day! 

Got my hair did on Wednesday! 

A trip to LAX to pick up my mom yielded no traffic and a beautiful sunset! 

I ended the week with helping to make baby shower decorations with a good friend and then we showered this new mom on Saturday! The pic above is a team effort: I made the banner and the hostess with the mostess handled the beautiful flower arrangements! It was a fun time for sure! 

Also, I got to spend a bunch of time with this little fur ball! 

Other activities that were not pictured:
A Sushi lunch! 
Work outs!!! Tried some HIIT from! 
Working on my Autism Authorization... ugh!
A couple shopping trips
Looking for more homes on the internet! 

Needless to say, Monday was not a welcomed visitor! 
Hope you got a spring break! And if you did that it was fantastic!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Random Day in My Life

Boy! Spring break has been a really welcome break! 
Its been nice to see friends, make my own schedule, relax, get appointments done, research things I have been meaning to research and so much more! 

I can't believe it's already Thursday! Here's the topic for this week: 

... of a teacher on Spring Break! 

(I added that last part!) 
But seriously, i thought this would be a different spin rather than my normal life of teaching in a classroom!

So here goes: 
7:30 am Woke up and ate breakfast while watching The Carrie Diaries (yep, I'm addicted!) 
This is also when i attempted to publish some comments to my blog and then accidentally deleted them in my morning haze! 

Here's my breakfast parfait in a red cup and using a recycled Yogurtland spoon! With a younger version of Carrie Bradshaw on the screen! 

9:00 Got ready to hit the gym and straightened the kitchen a bit. 

9:30 Walked down to the gym in my apartment complex. Did Week 2 Day 2 of the C25K app while listening to Pandora! 

10:20 Left the gym when the maintenance guy came to clean (I made it a few minutes with the cleaning supplies in the air before i started to sneeze!)

10:25 Arrived home and downloaded a few fonts for teaching worksheets from and

10:55 Hopped into the shower and cleaned it while i showered! 
(Sorry no pictures here!)

11:25 Got out of the shower and got dressed! Then began putting my make up on! 
(I didn't have to do my hair because i was headed to my hair stylist!) 

11:45 Interpreted my getting ready to help my husband clip little Lily's claws! I got tired of her scratching at me this morning!

12:10 packed some snacks to eat while i was out for the day and then headed out the door to get my hair done! 

12:32 A little late but made it! Hair wash, dry and trim! Love getting my hair done! 

Here's how my hair turned out... plus you can see what i wore! A black tee that i had a bright blue cardigan over and then denim capris with my rainbow flip flops! 

1:40 Ate a snack in the car on my way to my mom's house to water her potted plants. She is coming home tomorrow! 

2:15 Headed to Barnes and Noble to price check some books for gifts! 
Here's a book I found pretty entertaining! 
The caption about this pic from a book entitled Awkward Family Photos was "stuck in the middle"!!! 

3 pm Headed home to relax a little before working on my Autism Authorization for my credential! 

4 pm Began working on my Autism Authorization plus other computer stuff! 

4:45 Stopped for a potty break and a one of my meals! 

7 pm Finish one session of my program and then began blogging while watching Jeopardy! 
The kitty joined me for blogging! 

7:26  Current time of writing this line! everything from here on out is estimated! 
Jeopardy ends at 7:30 pm! 

8 pm Gonna eat dinner! (I know this sounds late, but on this Carb Cycling diet you are supposed to eat every three hours! Waking up late has it's downfalls on this diet! 

9 pm Gonna relax on the couch with hubby until about 11 pm and then it will be time for bed! 

That is a day in the life of this Spring Breakin' Teacher! 

Check out other bloggers daily routines! 

See you tomorrow! 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Wedding Gifts Gone RIGHT!

When my husband and I got married we had very little for our home. 
We had even less for our kitchen. And we are extremely grateful for the gifts we received and that we still use today. So often we see cutesy wedding gifts on Pinterest, but sometimes practical is just more useful. When i shop from a registry whether it's for a wedding or a baby, I try to think of what will last! 

Here are some of the wedding gifts i still use everyday and I think i would buy them for the newest of brides and grooms even today. 

Measuring Cups

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the set we received from our wedding registry! And more than one set can come in really handy. Never be afraid to tie these to the top of a package and add some cute ribbon! You cannot go wrong! 

Purchase these fun collapsible ones at Target

Collapsible Strainer

This thing comes in SUPER handy! WE use ours on a weekly basis if not more often. It's great for straining pasta, rinsing fruit, washing veggies and who knows what else! I love that our hangs over our sink ledges which seems to make more work space in the kitchen! 
There are many others, but this is the one we have. I found it one Amazon!

Glass Nesting Bowls

This item seems so simple and plain, but it really has been one of the best additions to our cupboards! The variety of sizes can be used for so many things and the simplicity of the glass means that the bowls can even be used to serve food in! Ours came from Crate and Barrel

Toaster Oven

This thing is used all the time! We don't just use it to toast our bread, but reheating/toasting up leftover pizza, warming tortillas, reheating other baked leftovers and so much more! We love this thing! It is a necessary part of our kitchen! 

This is what our looks like and can be found on Amazon!


This stuff is great for so much! You can use some of it for storage, baking, serving dishes and who knows what else! It is dishwasher safe, cleans easily, and can be put in the fridge or the oven. The lids are a necessary piece! They really travel well too! 
These can be found at Target

What did you receive that you still use all. the. time.?