Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Random Thursday: A Million Bucks

OK so I decided that Random Thursday sure does fit the bill! I truly am loving these themes! It sure is fun to write these posts! It is looking like i am changing one of my weekly link ups... to this one! 

So here is is .... 
This week's theme is: 

I think i would do a few things. The first would be to own a home. Here are a few ideas. (Now none of these would allow for me to do anything else, but this girl can dream, especially is one is already dreaming with a million buck-os that i truly do not have!) 

As you can see i would love to have a picket fence! 

Next i would give the rest away. I would donate to our church as well as other charities in the area! I think that might be the majority of the money. It's amazing how quick a million bucks can go! I wonder what my husband would answer? Let's ask... 

Me: Honey, what would you do if you had a million dollars? 
Hubs: I would buy a house for $500, 000 and then donate $100,000 to charity. The rest i would use to retire! 

I am pleasantly surprised that we would do about the same thing! 
What would you do with a million buck-os?