Monday, July 30, 2012

A First Date

My husband and I met on
We spent the first month of knowing each other emailing back and forth, then texting, then talking on the phone a bit before we finally met each other in person. Our first date was long awaited.

That night I got ready and put on my most comfortable "nice" jeans and a cute necklace and purple cardigan! (For the life of me I cannot remember what top I was wearing under my cardie!) my date for the night was wearing a black button up shirt and a black hat! He looked good that night in his hat and when we sat down at the predetermined restaurant we talked for 2 hours before we even ordered our dinner for the night! I still remember that he ordered a pasta jambalaya dish and I got a spinach salad with grilled chicken and cranberries! I also remember his killer eyes looking back at me! I didn't know it for sure then, but I was hooked! He was convinced on that date that I was "the one"! The restaurant we ate at has since closed the location we went to, but it was a great start to our relationship! 

After dinner we headed to the bowling alley and began a little healthy competition! I won the first game but my date won the second! And when I got a strike, I got a kiss! Yep, he was brave enough to kiss me on the first date!

That was our first date and the rest is history! It wasn't long before we were committed and 16 months later we were married! It has been the best choice I have made thus far in my lifetime! My marriage continues to be a relationship where I learnand grow as a person more than in any other relationship! I praise God for putting my dear sweet hubs into my life and truly cannot wait for the life we are trying to build for ourselves! It's amazing where our beginnings are from!

Here are some of our engagement photos...

And some of my favorite weddingphotos! Love these!