Sunday, July 1, 2012

Catching Up & Weekend Review

Lovely Little Things

OK so, I didn't take pictures, but I completed the task for this weeks Smell the Roses! This weeks task was to take someone to dinner that you needed to catch up with and I actually, by chance, scheduled to see an old friend for lunch on Saturday. And let me tell you, I'm so glad we went to lunch with this couple and their adorable little guy! It was nice to relax and just hang out.

It was a great treat for us this weekend. We spent the afternoon outside sitting and chatting in the sun about this and that and life in general. It sure was nice to catch up over a yummy meal from La Sirena Grill. (Side note: if you live in OC. This place is pretty tasty for really fresh Mexican food!)

Anyway, sorry for the lack of photos. Hubs can vouch for us having lunch with friends. Since I am lacking the lunch catch up session, I did take some other shots of our weekend! So here's my weekend in review according to the pictures I took! (Again, there's only a couple.)

My dinner on Friday night at my book club  gathering! What a fun time with great people and delicious food! 
Then after our lunch on Saturday we went and looked at model homes in our area! 
Here are a few shots of one of the places!
Can you see the atrium through the window? So neat! 

Visiting model homes can be so fun! It can also be really draining! I then spent our entire church service trying to not be so tired! 

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