Monday, July 23, 2012

Catch the Rage

While I am gone and making so many new memories with my hubs, i thought i would share some memories of my childhood!

When the question goes around "what is your favorite toy from your childhood?" 
I totally remember a silly ball tht i played with for hours! It was called the Orbi! And it looked like this:

Basically, i would hold the ribbons together and throw it as high as i could! I would do this in the front yard and looking back i wonder how my ball never landed on the roof. Maybe my memory of how high this ball could go were a little skewed. I probably thought it was flying much higher than it really was. I totally have memories of getting excited when the neighbors would come join me and play with the Orbi with me! I felt like a girl in the commercial! This was my favorite toy and I played with it for hours and hours.

So did you catch the rage? Do you even remember that commercial? I totally do.... but some of you might be just a touch to young to remember it! (Totally showing my age!) 
What was your favorite toy from when you were a child?