Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Setting the Pace

Yep, I am one of THOSE teachers who plans, plans, and then plans some more. 

I have tried to get other teachers on my band wagon, but i feel alone on this one, at least on my campus! I am the only one who sits down and plans my whole year out. 

Here's what i do.... I take some calendars and I make sure all of our holidays are written into the calendar. That means i go through and make a master calendar with minimum days, non-student days and all holiday breaks written in. This year i am using these cute calendars that are FREE on Teachers Pay Teachers! Thanks to Kindergarten Stars for making these adorable calendars free! Awesome! (You can see in pictures below that i usually use boring photocopied calendars.... ugh! (Glad to be rid of those!) There are a number of free calendar sets on TPT that you can easily download and get to planning your year!

Here's the process I take:


I write in all inportant dates by transferring the school calendar to my master calendar. This way i can figure out how long each unit will go for! 


I then photocopy my master calendar onto colored paper and each color is then used for a different subject! Here you can see three different colored papers all with the same calendar. 


Here's where it gets tricky. This seems like it would be too specific to my job to describe, but i basically sit down with a bunch of ideas for each subject and get to filling in the calendar. I use colored pens for different subjects too! This is the tedious part of the job. Once it is all done, it is such a relief! 


Then i use these calendars to fill in my entire lesson plan book! 

This will be interesting this year! So much to plan for! I got started on my Social Studies and Science planning today and have a couple weeks to work on the remaining (all the rest) subjects that i will teach in the coming year! Oh BOY!

Sidenote: I realize that not all teacher plan out their entire year. I need this to feel like i know how long to teach a certain topic. Also, please note that i MUST modify my curriculum due to the needs of my kiddos! I also have multiple grades within the same classroom! So much to do in such a short year! 

I hope that you might consider my method of planning. It is my version of a pacing guide which i know many districts provide. I am blessed because i get to make my own and plan my year from scratch! This is both and blessing and a curse in some ways! 

Hope your week is going well!