Thursday, July 26, 2012

High Five 7.27.12

OK, i know i am out of town and all, but i can't help myself from doing this link up!

Here's my High Five for the week:


It is always a good feeling when you are leaving and getting ready for the next adventure! this one is a big one and so packing is intense! It's the unpacking that i would love to skip!

New Undies for FREE! 

Thanks to Victoria Secret for your wonderful coupons! Love when i get those cards in the main and i think i have only paid for underwear there a couple times, yet most of my underwear is from there! (Is that tmi?!?) I think i will refrain from showing a picture here ... no one needs to see my undies!


New RAM was added to my computer by the one and only hubs! He rocks and I love that my computer is so much faster! This post is brought to you by a faster computer! Thank God for husbands who can refrain from throwing a computer out the window!

Cannoli Parfaits

I made these at a BBQ this last weekend and they were a hit! My husband loves these a bunch and the best part is how simple they truly are! Find the recipe here. There's even a video! And they are only $2 a serving!

One Less Vehicle 

My hubs truly sold his truck this time ... i know  i posted that he sold it a few months ago, but really, that fell through! I did not post a retraction because i knew it would sell. Well, it took a couple months but now its SOLD! Thanks to the guy who bought it! You got a great deal! Oh and this pays off our trip to Seattle and Alaska! So great!

Make sure to link up your favorite highlights from the week. Just click the link below!