Sunday, July 22, 2012

Guest Post: the Mrs. from the {mr} nd the {mrs.}

Today i am privileged to introduce you to Sarah of the {mr} and the {mrs}! I have followed her for a while now and really love her blog! I could tell you more but I think she can tell you more about herself then I can! So, I'm gonna let her do the talking! Especially since i need to do TONS of packing!

Hey ya'll! I'm Sarah Averett from the {mr.} and the {mrs.} and I'm so excited to be guest posting today. Especially on Simone's blog! I've been keeping up with it for a while and I just love her! Anyway, i'm here to tell you a little bit about mysef and what makes up the {mr.} and the {mrs.}.

My husband, Zachary, and I were married on December 28, 2011. For those of you that are thinking about a wedding between Christmas and New Years, DON'T DO IT! We've only had one anniversary, yes, but for just that one, we spent almost as much as we did on our entire wedding. I kid, I kid, but really - everything is crazy expensive that time of year and it makes it difficult to be able to do much. We didn't really have a choice as to when we were going to get hitched though. You see, Zachary happens to be an officer in the United States Air Force. We were planning on getting married in January or February until orders came that he had to report in on January 4th. We found this out about a month before. SO after a lot of scrambling and running around like chickens with our heads cut off, we made our wedding happen. And boy, was it a dang good one. If I could relive that day, I would in a heart beat.

That first move was to Alabama. In the year and a half that followed, we then moved to Texas, California, and now good ol' Wyoming. Despite us being in quite the little town, we love it here. After all, I did grow up in Ephraim, UT, population: 6,000 {on a good day}, so I really can't complain much.

We recently just welcomed a new addition to our family! Everyone, meet Copper:

He is a trouble making hound dog, but has already proven to be the best companion that a person could ask for!

Some fun facts about me: I am a lover of all things sparkly. I love being spontaneous and flying by the seat of my pants. I believe in saying, "hello", "goodbye" and "I love you", no matter how angry or frustrated I am. I am a Grey's Anatomy addict. It is my dream to drink hot chocolate and eat pastries in Paris. I hate english and love math. I'm a Mormon. I need junk food to survive. And I love to crochet.

I hope to see you sometime around the {mr.} and the {mrs.} and if so, feel free to say hi!

Isn't she just great! I love that pup too! He is so cute! And who can go wrong with naming  beagle after Disney movie!?!?! Oh, and her wedding photos are gorgeous! Thanks Sarah for sharing with us today! Don't forget to head on over and follow Sarah too! You won't regret it!