Monday, July 9, 2012

Here and Over There too!

Today, I am in two places at once! 

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She's on vacation .. and i am headed on a vacation! (like you forgot!)
Maybe you are gettin ready to pack up... maybe not! 
Either way check out what I use to help me pack up and head out! 

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Also, while I'm here, here's how the Fourth of July went for hubs and I! 
*Warning: It was a super low-key day! Love it!

A little Looney Tunes to begin the day! Then it was on to the BBQ programming.... check out that guys stache!!!!  I laughed.out.loud!!!!
Finished up my Fourth wreath, hung it up then it was off to lunch! Yep, Mexican food on the fourth! Then headed to the jewelers... new rhodium plating means no rings til the 17th! Sad face! (We only went in to get my rings cleaned!) 

After a bit of shopping.... we headed to get our America on! Tried out The Counter and LOVED it!!!! Here's my order form, to-go order, and my burger salad! Love that you can order with no bun and they give you salad greens instead! Totally diet friendly! 

After Act of Valor, it was time to watch the fireworks! All in all a pretty great day! Love to relax  instead of stress on a holiday! 

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