Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Place Filled with Memories

Its time to switch it up today! 

Typically, it would be my Top 5 or my high five of the week, but i am gonna change it up a bit! I am contemplating doing the link up more often, possibly even every other week! Let's see how it goes....

Its time for 
Fill in the Blank Friday over at the little things we do
Thanks Lauren for a fun link up, especially since this is one i have been dreaming over!

So here's this week's fill in....

"If I could get away for the day, I would go...."

This actually might be a little tough! 
I know Alaska is looming around the corner and believe me I.CANNOT.WAIT
but, if i had the option to go away for the day, meaning, one day, then i would have to say San Diego! 

My hubs and i were engaged in this city, spent our wedding night here, and every time we go we find a new place to eat or fun thing to do! We really have some great memories here! 
Here we are after i said "yes!"
Might need to take a day trip sometime soon! 

Where would you go? 

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