Monday, July 2, 2012


Hey There! 

Here's a  great Teacher Freebie! 
I cannot wait to share these little gems with you! 

Every year, when i get my roster for the next school year, i get ready to send the little guys some MAIL! 
No, not email!

You know, the kind from the mail man?
The kind we love to get too, especially when it isn't bills!!! 

Well, you better believe that these little ones love to get mail too! 
So, i send out postcards welcoming them to my classroom. 
For me, i often have students who i had last year, but i still send out cards just to say 
"I can't wait to learn with you again!" 

Some other ideas you could write about:

Tell the kiddos about yourself
Welcome them to a new school/classroom
Tell them your room number
Tell them you look forward to seeing them on the first day of school (give the date too!)
Share a bit about your summer break
Tell them you are excited to see a new year begin 
Express excitement for all that you will learn throughout the year

Its a bit to early for me to write mine to my kiddos, but when i do, i will be using my new fancy (and super cute) Summer postcards! Check 'em out! I hope you can put them to good use! 

I will post what mine looked like before i put them in the mail! 
Let me know if you use these! I would love to know that they were a help to you! 

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