Sunday, July 15, 2012

Flappy Jack's = YUM!

I live in an area (Orange County, CA) that I have lived in my entire life. I was born in a hospital in this county, have lived in 4 cities, and know the area like the back of my hand. I love to go to the same places over and over. I even realized that my favorite stores are quite the comfort zone for me to shop this week. I love certain parts of this So Cal world and tend to go to the same places to eat. It's comfortable that way. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE to try new places, especially if they are close!

So this week the Smell The Roses task was to go somewhere you have never been. I figured this would be pretty difficult for me seeing as how I have lived here for my entire life. I almost contemplated skipping this link up with Jessica over at Lovely Little Things!
Lovely Little Things 
Well it turns out I did go to a brand new place!
Another couple had invited us to breakfast a few weeks ago and we had to turn them down for one reason or another. They had wanted to introduce us to a new restaurant. Well this week, we took them up on their offer to find a new breakfast spot! Which by the way, is totally right up our alley! I love breakfast! Mmmmmm! But I must admit, I was a bad blogger! I forgot to take photos! Either ay, this as a new place for me! We tried out the delicious and awesome Flappy Jacks! Oh boy was it delicious! I ordered the lemon blueberry pancakes with scrambled eggs and a bit of bacon. Top it off with iced tea that never ran out, a little sugar free syrup, and I was a truly happy girl! (Don't worry, my plan is to keep the weight off. I was careful and did not clean my plate!)

Everything ordered at our table was delicious looking! I tried hubs omelet and though it's pretty fluffy! This is now a restaurant that has been added to our breakfast list!
Here ar a few shots that I found on the net to convince you as well!

Flappy's Favorite Omelet
Banana Nut Pancakes
Bacon Waffle! It looks so pretty! 
Mine did not look this happy, but this is what my pancakes  looked like! {via}
Doesn't everything look terribly good? 
The best part about these pictures is that they don't have calories....
.... now if you visit Flappy Jack's .... 
it will be a whole other story!