Thursday, July 12, 2012

Top & High Five 7.13.12

Back to the regular Friday routine!
From now on I will be alternating my Friday link ups! Just needing to switch things up a bit! 

Here's my top 5 and my high five!
It was kind of a slow week, so this week was hard to figure out my top five!


An Angels Baseball Game Birthday Celebration was just what I needed! I had a great time celebrating how many years young my friend Jami is! Happy birthday girl!


A trip to bowers kidseum with my class was a fun time to learn in a hands on way!

Here I am wearing a mask! 


A shopping trip with a gal pal and linner at chipotle! This sure was fun to hang out and just getaway from an afternoon at work!

A couple dresses that are still being considered!
The one on the bottom is my favorite of the whole shopping trip! 


Cleaned out my closet a bit! I figured out how many pants do and don't fit and realized I have room in my closet! Time to shop!


Fruit salsa success!
I do not have pictures of my version but please go here and get the recipe! It was delicious! I promise it will not disappoint!

That's my high five/top five!
What was on your list this week?
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PS. Stay tuned tomorrow for the YUMMIEST yogurt recipe of all! Yum!