Saturday, July 14, 2012

Recipe: Sweet & Fruity Low Carb Greek Yogurt

Totally gonna strut some stuff today! Gonna share a wonderfully yummy snack that i LOVE! 

(It's that low carb yogurt I told you about the other day!) 

Sweet & Fruity Low Carb Greek Yogurt

What you'll need: 
Plain Greek Yogurt (one small container or about half cup will do!)
Sugar Free Jello (do not make the jello, just gonna use the powder!)
1 packet sweetener (I prefer Stevia, but the sweetener MUST be less than 1 gram of carbs!)

Begin by opening up you yogurt and throwing in the packet of sweetener. 
*Note: I use Trader Joe's brand Greek Yogurt WITH fiber in it! This lessens the carb count already!
Then add about a teaspoon of the sugar-free jello. And then begin mixing!

Continue mixing until the bottom of the cup is colored and there is little to no white yogurt left. 

Enjoy this tasty treat! 

Here's how i figure the carb count. 
There a total of 8 carbs in the container of yogurt. Subtract the number of grams of fiber (which is 3) and you get a whole 
5 carbs!!!! 
If you compare this with any flavored yogurt on the market, they are FILLED with double if not triple the amount of carbs. This is too good to pass up at just 
5 carbs!!! 
Trust me, my hubs even likes it, no, loves it!
I hope you might consider trying it! 

If you do, some flavors I really like are strawberry, lemon, peach, and wild cherry! Just make sure to find the sugar free jello! 

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