Friday, July 6, 2012

Rule of 3

Alright, here's my July Currently Link up with Farley over at Oh' Boy Fourth Grade!
*She's got some new guidelines, so check out my Rule of 3 @ the bottom of my post!
(these will be posted after i link up!)

I do a unit every Christmas! Its about this time of year that i need the remidner to believe in my kiddos
.... and Santa too! 

I love project GLAD!

Farley has a great rule tht she began.... once I link up I will be following this rule! 
Just an FYI - i already have a ":Rule of 3" of my own! My rule is whenever i link up i visit and comment on 3 blogs that also linked up! This has done some amazing stuff to my following on GFC! Here are the three bloggys I visited this time around:

Just click HERE, HERE, and HERE

Also, if you are new to this little blog... THANKS SO MUCH for following! It means soooooooo much! Also, to those of you who have commented regularly, I absolutely adore all yor thoughts, comments, encouragements, etc! Thanks a bunch! Just one more reason why blogging rocks: YOU! 

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