Tuesday, July 17, 2012

About to Set Sail...

OK this is purely a post where i have been researching what to pack, what to bring, what i need, what the weather will be like and all things Alaska and Seattle! 

Here they are and they are Oh so PINTERESTING! And i am totally loving that in a WEEK, I will be in full blown packing mode! So excited! 

"Only in Seattle" Website

One Spot I will visit: the First Starbucks! 

Awesome info on weather for each month and what we will be able to see from the boat! Whales, moose, dolphins, oh, my! 

Source: etsy.com via Simone on Pinterest

Wishing i had found this one sooner! 

I think i could learn a thing or two from someone who travels a lot! Here is a flight attendants tips for packing! 

What to bring to AK! 

Alaska Packing List for Women

Cruise packing tips! 

I have my hiking boots ready and luggage in my bedroom ready to be packed! the piles of clothes are going to begin forming! 

Also, thought i would link up today with the GFC Blog Hop! thought this would be a great way to meet some new friends .... oh and to get even further behind on bloggy reading! Especially since i will be going on vacay soon too... 

While I am mentioning it, next week the guest posts begin! I am looking forward to hearing from my guest bloggers and cannot wait for you all to read what they have got to share! They all rock! More info on that later this week!