Saturday, June 30, 2012


It's time to share a little update on how this lovely die is going! Thought I would give you a run down!

Starting weight: 180.2
My current weight: 160.2
Current weight lost: 20 lbs
Pound to goal: 5 lbs.

Favorite foods while on my diet: I am so loving Greek yogurt! {I will be posting about how I make this a tasty treat soon!} I also am really enjoying fruit leathers from trader joes! Mm mm

Cravings: I was truly craving peanut butter like none other but that has seemed to subside for now! (Actually it comes and goes a bit) Really feeling like I can control that rush to the kitchen to grab a snack! My problem is I am a snacker and I wish I could just snack and snack and snack!

Frustrations: my frustrations revolve around the 5 day plateau that I had about a week ago! Boy I though my body was just done losing and I still wanted to lose another 9 lbs! I really watched what I ate, got in a extra workout and tried my best to taper my meals by the end of th day! It finally worked and I lost 8/10ths of a lb. a few mornings later. It was really discouraging but it turned out ok!

Another frustration has been that I am terribly forgetful! I forget to pack certain parts of my lunch and that just irritates me! Working on trying to remember to pack all that I need for them when I head out for work!

Overall reflections: I am feeling relief! Having lost 20 lbs feels really good. My clothes are loosening and I even had a modeling session trying on old clothes to see if they would fit! The good news was that more fit than not! So awesome! Also, it has felt good to hear hubs' comments about how much smaller I am. I am also pretty excited that hubs has lost about 10 pounds! 

What a trip it has been! The six week marker is tomorrow and then i will be gradually increasing my food while trying not to gain weight! Boy, am I in for a challenge! The hard part is not losing, it really is the maintaining that is SO TERRIBLY difficult! Either way, i am gonna give it a really good try! thanks to friends, family and of course, my adorable hubs who have all supported me! Oh and of course, all of you! Your comments are definitely encouraging!