Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Guest Post with a Cherry on Top!

By now I am headed out of here! Just in time for me to introduce you to the lovely Elyse! She is awesome! Love her blog and definitely think you sould follow! She is a great gal who, deserves a teaching job. She is so dedicated and definitely has good taste! I mean c'mon Buffalo Wild Wings ---- hello! Yum! 

Hi I'm Elyse!  I blog over at My Life With a Cherry on Top
I'm a 20 something teacher hopeful who loves to cook, craft, and shop.  Stop by and pay me a visit! I started blogging about 4 months ago, and  I'm so glad Simone has so graciously allowed me to guest blog for her while she's in Alaska, Seattle, and Canada (a vaca to a slightly cooler destination sounds like a great idea in this crazy heat!)

So while she's out exploring the north (or narth if you will), hiking on the snow-topped mountains (is there snow on the mountains in the summertime?), sailing on clear blue waters, observing all the amazing wildlife, and eating pancakes with REAL maple syrup from Canada, I'm going to talk about traditions.
And not some sappy, "I make blackberry cobbler every 4th of July because my great-great-great grandmother made this for my great-great-great grandfather when he came home from the civil war" kind of tradition (those are great don't get me wrong, but that's not what I'm talking about here).
I'm talking about something fun or silly that you do with your husband, boyfriend, friends, or family every week, or even once a month. 
For me it's Buffalo Wild Wings.  On Thursdays only.

This tradition started for me during my sophomore year in college.
A big group of friends (about 15 or so) would get together and go to Bdubs on Thursday for .50 cent boneless wing night. 

This is where I met my best friend and boyfriend Kelly. 

This is him.

Not at Buffalo Wild Wings.  He didn't want to take a picture when we were there.  I don't blame him. Ha

AND it's where we went on our first date!

Anyways...People started graduating and moving, and the Bdubs group went from 15 to 8 to 4 to 2.  Me and Kelly.  Kelly and I.  Every once in a while we will meet some friends there, but usually its just us.

But we still go EVERY week!  Unless we are out of town, in which case we usually hit up another place with good wings. 

It's my one indulgence of the week.  And I never get tired of it (I just switch up the sauces).  My favorite sauces are Mango Habanero, Asian Zing, and Honey BBQ.  Always with ranch and wedges with cheese!  Like I said, its my one indulgence of the week!

And just to make this clear I am not some boring old person who only orders the same thing at every restaurant we go to.   I LOVE trying new and different foods (I actually would LOVE to be a foodie), but not here!  This doesn't count!

And the waitresses know us (I actually notice when they get haircuts, so pathetic I know).  They bring us our drinks when we walk in the door. 

Diet Coke for me, Bud Light for Kelly. 

Without fail every time. 

Our favorite waitress actually moved to Indy, so we were really sad.  We had a few different waitresses while she was gone, and it just wasn't the same!  Then she moved back like 2 months later, and we were SO abnormally excited!

She told us last week that we should get married there, which is what gave me the idea to blog about it. 

I don't know about getting married there, but I definitely thinking about some catering options!

So what are your fun traditions?!?

Leave a comment below and don't forget to visit/follow me at My Life With a Cherry on Top!

Looks like i need to start some sort of weekly tradition like Elyse's. My hubs and i have our own... and before I spoil it, I think i will just add that to my list of "future posts."  Of course I will have to return from vacation to be able to do that... Now why would anyone want to do that? 

Loving my vacay already, 

PS. Thanks Elyse for sharing! Your rock!