Saturday, July 7, 2012

My Best

I get a good feeling ...
.... when i read a great blog post by a blogger i admire! 
(admit it ... you sang the song... "i get a good feelin... yeah") 
So, a couple weeks ago i read this post and I made it my own a bit!

So here's 

My Best

from the last year (minus my best gift!!) 

This was a recent baseball game that hubs and I went to! Love that we both love this sport and can both have a SUPER casual date night! Love my boy!
(BTW we are at the game right as this post is scheduled to post! Go Halos!) 

Tea is such an addiction of mine. This happens to be a yummy tea that is on my list to buy! Thanks to Lazy Dog Cafe I want this every time i am feeling sicky!

This was our 1 year anniversary trip to San Diego! Gotta love a good cruise along the bay! 

This is my all time best gift! I love my engagement ring! Here it is on the night  we got engaged! I  love that it  represents something that is so much more beautiful than itself! The even better part is that i get to wear it each and everyday as a reminder of one of the best choices i have made thus far in life!

This verse is my favorite! I am often reminded that His power is made perfect where i am truly and utterly weak!  I cal this my lifetime verse! It will forever remind me of times where i have faced trials, but also where the Lord has triumphed in my life! (because it may be hard to see... the verse is 2 Cor 12:9)
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