Thursday, July 19, 2012

H54F/ Top 5 7.20.12

After Thursday afternoon's craziness and so much fun with playing bunco and having a fun time with my book club, I am more than happy to share my H54F/Top 5! 


This week has been filled with a few highs... FOR SURE! 
{Pictures will be posted later... my computer realllllllllllly stinks right now! So DARN SLOW! #bloggerproblems)

Fireworks and Food Trucks

The Great Park had their anniversary celebration last weekend and they celebrated with live music (a U2 cover band that only made me want the real thing), fireworks and food trucks! This was a fun evening for hubs and I! 

I visited he lime truck and hubs found some bratwurst! So sad we missed Chuck and Chip! they rn out of cookies! Sad face! 


Lots of this occurred last week. I visited a few stores and definitely made out like a bandit at Old Navy!  Here are a few items that i managed to take home! 

NEW Toms! 

That's right.... I finally did it! Here's what mine look like! I know, they're not patterned! I will be getting  pair of patterned ones sometime soon, but for the time being i wanted comfy shoes for the cruise ... these were available and so i scooped them up! 

Breakfast at Flappy Jack's

I am so excited about this new breakfast spot! I think hubs is already craving a second visit! 

Time With the Girls

I got to spend time with ladies two nights this week! The first was a surprise night out to play bunco! This was my first time and I had so much fun playing this game! The best part: I won! So cool! 

The second night out with the girls was for book club! We visited a place called The Bruery and I fell in love with this spot! Great beer, light eats, wine and a new patio area (or so my friends told me!)

K I will be back when my computer doesn't stink!