Sunday, July 8, 2012

Admittedly Girly

I am not gonna lie, I love a good romantic comedy.

I have several on DVD and prior to being married and in a committed relationship I would choose a movie week that I would just pop into my DVD player and loop endlessly. I used to fall asleep with the television on, but now I quite enjoy the room to be quiet, except for the occasional deep breath or snore from hubs!

 Lovely Little Things

So when I saw this weeks smell the roses task, I wasn't sure if I could fit it in! Lucky for me I had an upset tummy after dinner on Friday night which
left my hubby to visit his parents alone. This left me on the couch witha nice warm blanky and time to pop in one of my all time favorite movies. Now I, of course, chose a girly one! This is one area where I am stereo-typically a girly girl! I typically do not like pink, tons of make up and frequently like to do my shopping quickly instead of all day! But I do love a good chick flick! And I love many of them! It was tough to choose just one! 

So the movie I decided on was Return to Me! What's not to love? Here are a few elements that you might enjoy too!

- Carroll O'Connor ... Love this man in this movie!
- Minnie Driver AND David Duchovny who make a great couple.
- Sinatra love songs included in the soundtrack.
- A plot that includes a man being devastated after losing his wife only tofindthat his new girlfriend has the donated heart of his deceased wife. How romantic!
- Humor. The older italian family members are hilarious, but so are Bonnie Hunt and James Belushi are quite an addition to the comedy of the movie.
- The movie takes place in Chicago and Italy.
- The Italian restaurant that is the primary setting for the movie. 
- The movie ends on a happy note, but note that it contains a tragedy, humor, a love story, and is all surrounded by a great family to support the entire plot!

Have you seen the movie? Did you enjoy it? 
Do you have any chick flicks you enjoyed watching?

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