Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Little Polish!

I totally treated myself! I decided I had seen enough Essie nail polishes on pinterest that I needed to buy one for myself! So I had seen them at target - or The Red Arrow Boutique as my mom and her gal pals like to call it- and instantly decided I needed a limit because these little stinkers cost a pretty penny for nail polish! So I invested in the "good to go" quick drying clear top coat and the color I kept coming back to was "merino cool."  That is exactly what I bought! Years ago I really was into painting my nails but I have not painted my own nails in forever!

Well, Friday afternoon I got home somewhat early from work and then painted my finger nails and my toe nails! It had been a long time since I had done this and the good to go polish really made it so that i was good to go pretty quick! I recommend that if you are always rushing off but wish you could have painted your nails really quick! (This is one reason why I have not had my nails painted for so long!)

Anyway, that was my Smell the Roses challenge this week - to treat myself and it has been a treat to have polished finger nails! It really does make a difference! Here's how they turned out!
Lovely Little Things
Hope your weekend went well! 
PS I realize that after writing this post, this may not have been a treat to everyone, but it really was fun for me. It reminded me of when my mother and sister and I would sit in the backyard and paint our nails or each other's nails. We were really into fun decals and designs back then and it just sort of faded away! I love the nail polish trend happening! The new cute litle designed excite me and i can't wait to try more!