Monday, June 25, 2012

Fonts, fonts, fonts!

So late to this party ... but thought it was a fun chance to find some new fonts to add into my classroom decor for next year! 
I think i have decided on a bugs theme.... so all my groups will be named after bugs and i will be renaming all of our tables/areas with habitats for bugs! Can't wait! and i think i may offer them ALL as a freebie this time around! (Especially since my TPT store is not up and running!) 

Oh and i forgot to mention the font Skinny Jeans Solid (which i used for the title for the above graphic!) That font can be found on as well! 

I plan to put a few to good use right away. Elephants in Cherry Trees and Sketch Block are on the top of the list!! I want to use these for titles and especially for all my table/area signs for around the room! 

A red bucket, cinnamon cake, and Just skinny are just flat out guilty pleasures! But since i am new to making teacher resources, i figure a plain font or two cannot hurt! Can't wait to put these all to good use! 
Head on over to Teachery Tidbits to check out more rad fonts! (Yep that's right, i said RAD!) 

BTW I was nominated for another award! Holy Cow! This one is a big one and i am pretty stoked to get this one! I am not sure i have a chance at winning this award, but i am pretty flattered that i even got nominated! So how it works is that beginning on July 2nd and ends July 9th! During that time I may ask for you to vote for this blog a few times! Won'tch help a gal out? 

Hope your Monday did not have "a case of the Mondays"!