Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Oh How Fit!

This week's Pinterest finds relate to my plan to keep the weight off!
(BTW I am down almost 16 pounds! Can't wait til i can shop!)
So here are a few recent fitness finds that i may try out!

Believe it or not, I enjoy the treadmill! Running on it is fun, but gotta get back into it!

So here are the tunes to go along with my treadmill workouts!

A few more notes to add to my playlist!

This would help to accomplish one of my bucket list items!

Source: youtube.com via Simone on Pinterest

This looks lke something i could do to change it up a bit! Love Jillian Michaels!

Core strength!

Source: t-tapp.com via Simone on Pinterest

Some exercises to work out my legs!

Sounds kinda fun! (Might be painful later though!)

More workout ideas!

This is definitely a quote i need to remember!

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PS. Forgot to mention yesterday that we actually took a trip to Arizona too! How could i forget that awesome getaway! Loved it and will totally be going back again next year!