Monday, June 18, 2012

Add Some Patchwork

I love a Patchwork Festival. Have you even been to one? 

Well, i am guessing, not. This event is a local crafters dream come true. If you sell items that you make (whether its soap, chocolate treats, honey, guitar straps, jewlery, repurposed antiques, etc.) then this would be your paradise! For a gal like me who loves to look at all that is crafty, this event is tops for me. I will admit i buy very little, but LOVE toooooo loooook! It is so much fun to go into each stall and peep at all the fun finds! 

So this time around, my gal pal and I headed out and went to the new location in Santa Ana! Let me just begin by saying that this was the BEST location! Instead of one long strip of narrow road there was a whole intersection and all four roads in each direction FILLED with vendors for us to spy on! Oh wow! I have to say i got very few pictures of items and vendors, but i loved this spot! There was so muc hto see and the event was such a success that i just got caught up in the moment. Hence, not many photos. 

Here are a few vendors I really enjoyed:

Topiary Designs
I LOVED these pieces! The vendors were super kind and the jewelry was all wonderfully crafted! MY only issue was that i could not decide! Thank goodness they are on Etsy! Visit them and check them out! Here are a couple items i have my eye on! 

Soap Tart
This gal sure did have some great smellin soap! Loved stopping here and letting my mind and nose drift off for a little bit! And the packaging was!
Check out these sweet smelling soaps here!  

Couch Guitar Straps
I thought these guys were ultra hip! Love that they use vintage car interior fabrics, leathers, and vinyl to make straps for cameras. guitars, wallets, etc. They are definitely going to see my money when i have hubs pick out a strap for our new camera! Love that they looked so cool and every one was so original! CHeck out Couch here!

Really liked this one... but it needs hubby's approval first! 

I am not sure what the vendor name was but i ended up leaving with these beauties! I have had my eye on these for quite some time and EVERY TIME i pass them i say "I love those!" This time i took the plunge and bought a set. One says "faith." another says "hope" and lastly one says "love/"  These look great in our potted plant on our shady patio! 

Last but not least check out some of my other shots... again there are not many! 

You can also check out this post from Random Nicole! She took some great shots! 

If you every make your way to CA... consider coming on a PAtchwork weekend! you will not be disappointed! Promise!