Friday, June 15, 2012


I don't always mention a huge part of my job. That is, I don't always mention how much I appreciate the aides that work in my classroom! They are there day in and day out and I truly do not know how I would teach anything without them! This week I got the opportunity to say a little thanks to these ladies!

A little bit of background: I work in a classroom filled with a wide variety of special education students in grades K-2. These little darlings have potential in life, but also on a daily basis have the potential to make the day rough or calm! My aides and I, of course, have some control over the class, but currently we are often forced to use interventions to keep kids safe! This is one reason why my aides are crucial. I could definitely not do it alone.

Everyday the aides in my classroom come to work ready to teach, coach, and inspire kids who are troubled. It would be difficult to let the efforts of each one of my aides go this week I showed a really small token of my appreciation to each of my aides, but also, knowing that they periodically read my blog I thought I would also share with the blog world how much they're appreciated!

To my aides who are/might be reading this: Please know that the small gift you got the other day is so far from how much I truly appreciate each of you. I wish I could do more for all of you to show how much it means to me that you all work together to help teach our little ones! Everyday I look around to see how we can be constantly improving, helping, and teaching the kiddos in our room, but I often look around and see staff who care and who creatively come up with strategies each day! You help our kids, but you also help me a bunch too! So from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU! I am blessed to have each of you to work with each day and to put it plainly you gals flat out rock! Hope you enjoy your small little gift!