Friday, June 8, 2012

Let the Adventures Begin!

OK so my dear friend and blog buddy, Jami, over at Somewhat Domesticated, posted this post a couple weeks ago. It got me thinking! It spurred me to run this past my hubby and he agreed we should have0 list like Jami's! Her list is specific to items she would like to complete, some with her husband and there's some that she would like to complete by herself! My husband and I decided to make our list of things we would like to do together for the next year (possibly pre-baby)! 

Without further adieu .... 

Our 20 of 2012

1. An Alaskan cruise - this one is getting checked off the list this summer for sure! This is actually crossing off two birds with one stone for me. I have never been on a cruise and we both wanted to see Alaska! 
2. Seattle - I have actually wanted to visit this city for a while and since we decided on the alaskan cruise for our vacation this year, we decided to hit an additional city by traveling there and taking the cruise ship from there!  I cannot wait to vibist this city.
3. Go to brunch at The Hacienda - this was a neat spot to have a great brunch! Omelette bar, Mexican treats and champagne!
4. Camp, somewhere, anywhere - I would love to do this soon, but really not sure where to go! We would want is to be a weekend trip and somewhere not too far away
5. Take a tour of a major league baseball stadium, preferably angel stadium - i have toured other stadiums, but would love to do it with hubs! We both loooooovvvvveee baseball and so it just makes sense!
6. Go to Vegas  - we've never been there together and wouldn't mind a weekend away sometime.
7. Buy a bedroom set together - really would like this sooner rather than later, but what holds us back is we don't wanna buy something that may et damaged while moving! We aren't moving soon, but the reality of renting is that a move is inevitable.
8. A trip to Santa Barbara or Santa Cruz  - I would love to visit one of these places with hubs! It would be a great weekend get away!
9. Go to sea world - this one is more my idea than hubs. I low this pale and it has been several years for both of us!
10. Ride the balloon at the OC great park at night - we have been on it during the day an think it would be a great to do at night! Best part: it's free!
11. Hike - we have already hiked a title this year (I think even on new years day!) but some more would be great!
12. Go to a country concert or two! - not many of these come to southern California so being picky isn't the objective. We will have to see who comes to town and snatch up some tickets!c
13. Movie in the park with a group of friends - this was so much fun in the past! Would love to do this again!
14. Have a romantic dinner at orange hill - this might be an anniversary event! This year we will be in town for our anniversary due to me having to work the next morning!
15. Lose weight together - working on this one as.we.speak. HUNGRY!
16. Walk or run in a 5K for a good cause
17. Go on an impromptu overnight getaway
18. Go to a class to learn how to take photos with our DSLR camera! - this is one that we have looked into and just need to schedule officially!
19. Visit an out of state ballpark (and catch a game!)  - I think hubs bought our tickets for a game in Seattle last night! woo hoo!
20. Visit the new cars land at Disneyland - it opens June 15th but we will wait a bit for the crowd to die down!

So that's our list! Can't ain't to create all these memories with my husband! Thanks to jami for this awesome idea!