Sunday, June 3, 2012

Misc. Roses

This week at my job I had one moment that nearly brought me to tears right in front of my little cherub! Let me preface this little story with the fact that this little guy had trouble even counting when he first began in my classroom. Well on Thursday last week I sat down with this little guy to work with him on some work he needed to make up and knew from the get go hat it would be a little challenging for him. Anyway, he has been learning numbers using tens and ones blocks. He was practicing counting the tens and ones for each problem and then identifying/writing the number for a given well the conversation that ensued during my one on one instruction with him was awesome. Basically at one point I was praising this young man for all he had done and learned. He responded with "really!?!" He didn't think I noticed his hard work. I then told him I was super proud of him and again his response was "really!?!" again he was shocked that I was proud of the work he had done! I forget his words exactly at this point but he basically said he was proud of himself and that he liked being at school! You have no idea the appreciation I had for my job at that moment. Without this work that I get to do each day with these kiddos, I would not get to have moments like this. Moments where I have changed a child. Moments where a child has learned something! How could I not appreciate my position as a teacher! So that is my task this week to stop and smell the roses with Jessica @ lovely little things!

Lovely Little Things

I have some other random things that I wanted to share as well!

1. Today I learned that I cannot wear my pants without a belt! I spent a trip to the grocery store pulling up my pants the whole time! That was not fun!

2. Hubs and I had the opportunity to head to another baseball game. It was awesome! We got there before the first pitch and got to see cows, a milking contest and Nolan Ryan was honored as well! Oh an then, the Angels won the game! It was a phenomenal night! The night was even capped off with fireworks! BTW the angel player won the milking contest too! 

3 . There are only 8 school days left of the school year. Then I get a whole two days off and then back to for a six week summer school session! No rest for the weary!

4. A trip to Disneyland last weekend totally warmed my heart. We had been meaning to see one of the shows for ages and finally we had time to catch the "Billy Hill and the Hillbillies" show! It was too fun! There was country, rap, humor, and toe tapping fun! 

Well there it is a list of my miscellany! Hope you enjoyed the shots I took! 
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