Thursday, June 28, 2012

High Five Up Top 6.29.12

Its time for a High Five and Top Five events of this week!



We had dinner with my mom down at the beach at a lace called The Cottage! Hubs wasn't going to be able to make it and his appointment got postponed! Wahhooo! I love this spot. It's a restaurant in an old historic house and i love all the cute little touches! The iced tea wasn't bad either!


New bathing suit top- looks like this:

But it is this color:
And i am wearing the top with black bottoms that are a similar cut to these bottoms above! 
(Turns out they are cutting the bottoms a little bit different and i would rather mix and match than just match than wear the bottoms you see above! There were less than flattering!)


So, I don't have any pictures of this, but i have been wearing dresses a lot lately! they are so comfortable! I just wish i could wear them to work too! Someday maybe? Here's one at Target that i have had my eye on:


My book club meets tonight and we are trying out a new restaurant! (Its even fun to eat out while on a diet! A new place means a different variation of a salad! (Sounds boring, but right now anything different just flat out rocks!)


A BBQ with our life group was fun and it was great to meet up in a differnet spot! Thanks to our co-leaders for hosting! It was a fun highlight in our week!

Have a great weekend friends!