Saturday, June 2, 2012

Unheard of

Today I am doing something a little unheard of for a woman. Many women will not share their weight with their husband, child or even their best girlfriend. I feel this is out of fear, facing judgment, or even just sheer embarrassment. Well, let me tell you I have those feelings, but I feel they're a consequence to having gained weight. No one holds gun to my headband said eat. Nonetheless there have been some health factors that have not helped my weight situation. One of them is genetics and others are ones that I don't care to mention on the Internet.

Weight just like age, is only a number, but to me it is also a representation, to a certain degree, of health. Age can also be considered this way as well. For example, the older you are the more it is expected that you will have health problems. This would also be true of weight. The heavier you are the more health problems there will be in your life.

So when I graduated from college I weighed about 190 lbs. I then decided that frappechinos were no longer an acceptable daily habit and bean working out on my own. I got downtown 155 by myself. Years went by, a boyfriend or two came and went and before I knew it I was again nearing 190 lbs again. (I was actually 186.7 lbs.) I then was graciously taught and coached thru a few rounds of Lindora. I lost 52 lbs in approx 18 weeks. And slowly since then I have crept back up. My weight as of May 14th, 2012 was gain nearing that dreaded 190 marker at 180.2. It was definitely time to do something AGAIN! So here I am on Lindora again and I have successfully lost 12.8 lbs since 5/14! I think that isn't too bad for a few weeks time! It's tough but I am doing it and hope to get to the 155 that I would feel comfortable at! So there it is my health in numbers! Oh and my age is 32, so that means I am not old by any means!

What’s your weight loss story? Please feel free to share!
Encouragement is welcome, but judgment is not!