Sunday, June 17, 2012

One Bloggers Outlook

This week I have spent time reflecting on what blogging has done for me. My response is definitely a positive one.

Everyday, at least in the recent few weeks, I have felt weary, tired, overworked and desperate for a break. Let's face it finishing out a school year without the hope of a break in between is just making me feel as though I have been kicked while I am already down. (This summer we only get a 2 day break and a weekend before we start summer school. We start summer school today and my two day break is all gone! Ugh.) I don't mean to complain I just wanted to express honestly what I have been feeling. I know I am not alone in feeling this way either.

Regardless of these feelings at the close of one school year, I have felt encouraged to keep going. There are comments that are left that have motivated me to keep on trudging on. I have reached goals as far as followers and posting consistently that I have set for myself. I am completely content with the progress that this little blog of mine has made. I am also excited and thrilled to see where it will take me. I have been blogging now for 6 months and it has been such a neat experience thus far. What does ths future hold? I love the mystery and the anticipation that happens when I think about an answer to that question!

Other side effects of blogging include: being more reflective and also taking time to do things for myself. As I type, I have painted nails (a sign of having treated myself), a blog that I feel proud of, and so much hope for what is to come from blogging! I have learned more about HTML than i ever thought i would learn and feel like more is to come. I have learned from other bloggers and been shaped in these last few months. Its amazing how a GREAT God can lead you even in this technologically advance world. Blogging is such a neat part of my life and I love the potential that it has added to my life and career. I love setting goals and seeing them be achieved as though an answer to prayers i never even knew i prayed. That is terribly rewarding. Does it take up a lot of my time, effort, energy, and sometimes my sleep? Yes, but I feel that it is more than worth it! It is one niche that i feel I am in the complete right place at the right time. 

A quick little side note: to those who have left comments, followed through GFC, encouraged in any way, liked a post on facebook, or even just asked about my blog, THANK YOU! It has added a new dimension to my life and I love it! Thanks bunches! 

Thanks to the lovely Jessica for helping me to stop and smell the roses! 

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