Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Oh Summer!

So tonight i am linking up with Amber @ Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher for 

Michelle @ The Vintage Apple for

So here are a few things i am wanting to accomplish this summer

Thinking this would make a good gift for the hubby! 

Make this jar to save all our memories in! Instead of the year it will say "Memories of our 3rd Year" 

Totally want to make these Healthy Chicken Enchiladas

100 days of no processed foods--tons of recipes. This would be good to prepare for the coming school year! 

Some more lunch ideas for work! 

Source: glamour.com via Simone on Pinterest

Would love to rock this a couple times! 

Hmm... maybe for the cruise? 

This little trick is using scrapbook paper and rubbing alcohol! Wowie!

Thinkin i might do a bug theme for my groups and tables next year! This would look good! 

I better get started on this one soon! Can't wait to hang this! ***Stay tuned tomorrow to check out my finished wreath! ****

Ok that is all... hope i can accomplish these! There's really just so much to do and so little time!